‘Priceless’: The newcomer event within the framework of the ‘Happy Future’ and ‘TIME for SUCCESS’ competitions

“I’m so pleased to have been there!” “It has expand­ed my aware­ness of our busi­ness in my heart.”  “Exchange among col­leagues who have become friends – PRICELESS!”

The feed­back from the 40 par­tic­i­pants at the new­com­er event that took place in Bin­gen on 21 and 22 June could not have been more pos­i­tive and heart­felt. The new­com­ers had trav­elled from Aus­tria, Switzer­land, Ger­many, France and the Nether­lands to pass on their spe­cial and valu­able expe­ri­ence to the inter­na­tion­al group with great com­mit­ment.Six STARCLUB mem­bers also trav­elled to Bin­gen to be at the event – an invalu­able con­tri­bu­tion to the exchange of expe­ri­ences with the new­com­ers. There’s hard­ly a bet­ter way to learn as a new­com­er than to learn from the best. The event was nat­u­ral­ly once again cen­tred around exchange with the man­age­ment. Roland Förster and Jes­si­ca Schlick attend­ed to their guests in per­son and shared the lat­est infor­ma­tion about the com­pa­ny.

The per­fect atmos­phere was, of course, also expressed in the accom­pa­ny­ing pro­gramme and the social part of the event. The ‘Rund um den Nieder­wald‘ (‘Around the Nieder­wald’) team-expe­ri­ence day on Fri­day had the par­tic­i­pants beam­ing – as had the par­ty the day before. “It’s not about the fan­tas­tic food we enjoyed, the fun dance in the evening and the great day out – every­one who has expe­ri­enced all this will know that it will be hard to beat – it’s actu­al­ly about being able to enjoy these great events and con­tin­u­ing to have qual­i­ty time in the future, too. That’s why we always need more peo­ple to take part. Let’s bring the enthu­si­asm for our busi­ness to the world through build­ing our teams,” said a moti­vat­ed busi­ness part­ner in her spon­ta­neous response on Face­book.

There’s actu­al­ly no more to be said – with the excep­tion of Roland Förster’s ref­er­ence to ‘the next great event’, the Col­lec­tion Pre­miere in Wies­baden on Sep­tem­ber 1 – com­bined with a warm invi­ta­tion that was not only extend­ed to the enthu­si­as­tic new­com­ers.

More pho­tos are to be found on Flickr.

ENERGETIX in the Kingdom of Happiness

Bhutan wel­comes first-cat­e­go­ry qual­i­fiers with the great­est of warmth 

It was prob­a­bly the most emo­tion­al train­ing trip that ENERGETIX has ever arranged for its top busi­ness part­ners in a com­pe­ti­tion. Deeply impressed, the par­tic­i­pants describe their expe­ri­ences. They expe­ri­enced what it means when a coun­try active­ly pro­motes ‘gross nation­al hap­pi­ness’. This hap­pi­ness radi­at­ed from the sparkling eyes of every res­i­dent of Bhutan.

The country’s for­mer edu­ca­tion min­is­ter said that it was a world first that a com­pa­ny had organ­ised a train­ing trip to Bhutan. The min­is­ter helped our busi­ness part­ners to see and under­stand what it means to place the peo­ple them­selves at the cen­tre of all deci­sions. All projects revolve around the hap­pi­ness of indi­vid­u­als – a focus that in Bhutan has deliv­ered aston­ish­ing results.

Bud­dhism is the spir­i­tu­al basis for this strat­e­gy of hap­pi­ness, which was appar­ent in all its warmth in our per­son­al encoun­ters with monks and nuns in their monas­ter­ies and abbeys. A trip to the largest Bud­dha stat­ue was arranged – as was an out­ing to the Dzong-style Monastery of Punakha, the most impor­tant sacred site in Bud­dhism.

The busi­ness part­ners were able to expe­ri­ence that genial­i­ty and warmth also char­ac­terise per­son­al inter­ac­tion at the home of a farm­ing fam­i­ly.  The res­i­dents pre­pared dish­es typ­i­cal of the coun­try for the vis­i­tors and offered an insight into the very spe­cial world of the spices and plants that are to be found there.

Yes, the ascent was dif­fi­cult – first on horse­back and then on foot – but the guides‘ atten­tion and warmth made the effort seem small.  And so every­one made their way to the country’s land­mark, the famous Tiger’s Nest. This is a monastery that incred­i­bly holds on to steep rocks and pro­vides an insight to archi­tec­ture that is unique in the world and that presents inde­scrib­able views. Undoubt­ed­ly the high­light of a trip to a coun­try where the phi­los­o­phy of the state has much in com­mon with ENERGETIX’s own vision. Name­ly, the goal of pro­vid­ing peo­ple with the oppor­tu­ni­ty of a ful­filled life in a pro­fes­sion that’s fun and enjoy­able – some­thing that could have come straight from Bhutan’s prin­ci­ples.

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Gutenberg Marathon on 6 May – a unique experience!

ENERGETIX once again field­ed the largest group of ath­letes at this year’s half marathon in Mainz. It was a true cel­e­bra­tion for the run­ners in the com­pa­ny shirts in blue – which matched the bright blue sky.

And it was much more than just a run: the entire man­age­ment was present, sev­er­al mem­bers of the STARCLUB, ENERGETIX employ­ees – all in the ‘goose-pim­ple’ atmos­phere of a sport­ing event at which sev­er­al thou­sand par­tic­i­pants let them­selves be car­ried across the fin­ish­ing line by the spectator’s thun­der­ous applause and the pow­er­ful music from the loud­speak­ers. It’s some­thing you need to have expe­ri­enced for your­self!

EXERGETIX’s run­ners also enjoyed addi­tion­al sup­port: extreme sports per­son­al­i­ty Joey Kel­ly had also donned the blue ENERGETIX shirt to again keep to his promise that he would to help every team mem­ber across the fin­ish­ing line. To be accom­pa­nied across the line by this charis­mat­ic per­son after 21 km: pure emo­tion!

CEO and Sole Share­hold­er Roland Förster took the oppor­tu­ni­ty that an inter­view on the SWR stage pre­sent­ed to explain what made ENERGETIX’s pres­ence at the Mainz Marathon so spe­cial: for every kilo­me­tre run, the com­pa­ny donates two euros to its char­i­ty part­ner, the Hugo Tem­pel­man Foun­da­tion. So Roland Förster was able to hand over the round­ed-up fig­ure of 5,000 euros to Lies­je Tem­pel­man, the wife of the charity’s founder, who – along with her sons – had also joined the run­ners.

Liv­ing at and with ENERGETIX brings many warm and mov­ing moments – and every­one is able to enjoy a whole range of them at the Guten­berg Marathon. That’s why ‘See you next year’ is sim­ply the nat­ur­al way of say­ing good­bye at the end of this event. And, as men­tioned above, it’s some­thing that you have to expe­ri­ence first hand – whether as a fast or slow run­ner or as a spec­ta­tor on the side­lines. So make a note of the next run and join us for a unique expe­ri­ence in 2019 – the 20th Guten­berg Marathon.

Here are the pho­tos for you!

ENERGETIX in the Paris of the East: Bucharest – and through Transylvania

In April, win­ners of ENERGETIX’s HAPPY FUTURE com­pe­ti­tion from the Nether­lands, Ger­many and Switzer­land took part in a train­ing trip to Tran­syl­va­nia and expe­ri­enced impres­sive land­scapes, medieval cities and leg­endary cas­tles.

It all start­ed with the depar­ture on 19 April 2018 from Frank­furt to Bucharest, the cap­i­tal of Roma­nia, also known for its mag­nif­i­cent boule­vards and impres­sive build­ings as the Paris of the East. The par­tic­i­pants were able to explore the old town on a guid­ed walk. Many tra­di­tion­al pubs, cafés and bars line the nar­row alley­ways. The first evening was con­clud­ed in a very atmos­pher­ic set­ting – at the ‘Caru‘ cu Bere’, the city’s most famous restau­rant, which – with its two-storey vault and colour­ful glass win­dows – is more rem­i­nis­cent of a cathe­dral than a restau­rant.

End­less expans­es and forests
The next morn­ing com­menced for ENERGETIX’s busi­ness part­ners with a pro­gramme of con­trasts: the group left Bucharest to trav­el through the unspoilt nature of the Tran­syl­van­ian Carpathi­ans to Sina­ia, a small moun­tain resort in the Pra­ho­va Val­ley. Peleș Cas­tle, King Carol’s for­mer sum­mer res­i­dence, is sit­u­at­ed near here. King Car­ol, who was born a prince of Hohen­zollern and who was lat­er crowned King of Roma­nia, built one of the most mod­ern cas­tles in Europe in the sec­ond half of the 19th cen­tu­ry – with lots of light and an indoor lift – and so took a piece of his home with him to Roma­nia.

The trip con­tin­ued on to Brașov, one of the largest cities in Tran­syl­va­nia, where the group stopped off at the tra­di­tion­al Rhein Vine­yard in Azu­ga – a for­mer sup­pli­er to the court. This is where Romania’s old­est sparkling wine that is made using the cham­pagne method is pro­duced. The tast­ing also helped our busi­ness part­ners get into a prop­er sparkling mood before they set off again towards the south east.

A small chal­lenge await­ed the group in Brașov: it was divid­ed into four teams, which were tasked with find­ing the city’s sights, speak­ing to local res­i­dents and buy­ing small sou­venirs. Every­one rose to the chal­lenge and were so lat­er reward­ed with choco­late medals at din­ner.

Fabled and full of mys­tery: Bran Cas­tle
The next day start­ed with a trip to the coun­try­side where ENERGETIX’s team was giv­en a warm wel­come by a local fam­i­ly and treat­ed to typ­i­cal local spe­cial­i­ties from the family’s own gar­dens. Lunch in a small vine­yard built up the group’s strength for a spe­cial high­light of the trip: Bran Cas­tle, where, accord­ing to leg­end, the famous vam­pire Count Drac­u­la is said to have struck ter­ror into people’s hearts. The for­mi­da­ble cas­tle, built on steep cliffs at the old bor­der between Tran­syl­va­nia and Wal­lachia, attracts many tourists and vam­pire fans from all over the world.

The final farewell meal gave the par­tic­i­pants the oppor­tu­ni­ty to swap notes with oth­er part­ners both about the eeri­ly beau­ti­ful trav­el impres­sions and busi­ness mat­ters in a relaxed atmos­phere before their return to Frank­furt the next morn­ing.
Per­haps you’ll be join­ing us on our next trip? ENERGETIX express­es its grat­i­tude towards its suc­cess­ful busi­ness part­ners with extra­or­di­nary trips around the world.

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The perfect meeting: STARCLUB in Oestrich-Winkel on 4 and 5 May

The weath­er was rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the atmos­phere to be expe­ri­enced at the lat­est STARCLUB meet­ing: per­fect and clear! Add to that a hotel full of charm with a fan­tas­tic view of the Rhine Val­ley – the mem­bers who had trav­elled from Den­mark, the Nether­lands, France, Switzer­land and Ger­many were not only very sat­is­fied with this atmos­phere, they were also very hap­py with the management’s pre­sen­ta­tions. Roland Förster, Jes­si­ca Schlick and Alexan­der Link shared insights into the company’s recent devel­op­ments while pro­vid­ing an out­look for its future and thus kicked off a live­ly exchange with busi­ness part­ners.

There were mov­ing moments when the new STARCLUB mem­bers were wel­comed. It became clear that being award­ed the company’s high­est dis­tinc­tion for the first time is some­thing very spe­cial and cre­ates high­est lev­els of moti­va­tion in all those who receive the hon­ours.

The next day saw the group explore the beau­ti­ful Rhein­gau region on Seg­ways. The ini­tial respect for the vehi­cle quick­ly gave way to enthu­si­as­tic smiles on the par­tic­i­pants‘ faces. A small ral­ly was lots of fun where­by the weath­er con­tributed con­sid­er­ably. 

A very suc­cess­ful meet­ing!

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STARCLUB meeting in the Netherlands – ENERGETIX fittingly celebrates its most successful business partners in Maastricht!

The many suc­cess­ful busi­ness part­ners not only from the Nether­lands were very hap­py: the year’s first STARCLUB meet­ing was staged at the end of Feb­ru­ary in Maas­tricht! Around 60 of ENERGETIX’s most suc­cess­ful busi­ness part­ners had trav­elled from the Nether­lands, Ger­many, France and Switzer­land to the beau­ti­ful uni­ver­si­ty town in the south-east of the Nether­lands.The after­noon of the first day was devot­ed to an infor­ma­tive and inten­sive exchange ses­sion with ENERGETIX’s man­age­ment that was ded­i­cat­ed to strate­gic and future issues. The par­tic­i­pants active­ly con­tributed to the ses­sion with many con­struc­tive sug­ges­tions and good pro­pos­als that drew on their wealth of expe­ri­ence!

New pro­mo­tions and mea­sures to sup­port new­com­ers were praised by those present. All STARCLUB mem­bers were also par­tic­u­lar­ly able to ben­e­fit from the valu­able tips on how to suc­cess­ful­ly build up teams! Whether long-stand­ing STARCLUB mem­bers or new­com­ers: it goes with­out say­ing that one of the most impor­tant items on this meeting’s agen­da was the recog­ni­tion of STARCLUB mem­bers.

Click here for our Flickr pho­to selec­tion of this great two-day event.

The atmos­pher­ic evening event that fol­lowed was held in an impres­sive his­toric wine cel­lar – Thiessen Wijnkoop­ers, the old­est wine tav­ern in the Nether­lands. This was when the emo­tion­al recog­ni­tion of STARCLUB mem­bers took place!

The par­tic­i­pants were able to enjoy a stroll through the charm­ing old town of Maas­tricht the next day. The tour includ­ed the tast­ing of all kinds of region­al del­i­ca­cies and trips to the his­tor­i­cal sights – and also gave par­tic­i­pants the oppor­tu­ni­ty to exchange expe­ri­ences. 

“Making a habit of success!” Motivational boost to kick off the year in the Netherlands

Leav­ing your own com­fort zone, set­ting your­self new goals, steadi­ly tack­ling them with a step-by-step approach and then achiev­ing them! Sjaak Janssen showed the 60 par­tic­i­pants how to do that at the meet­ing to kick off the year that was held in Tiel in the Nether­lands on 27 Jan­u­ary. The event also includ­ed a pre­sen­ta­tion that showed how our prod­ucts mesh with the sev­en pil­lars of health. The pre­sen­ta­tions were per­fect­ly com­ple­ment­ed by Mar­greth Janssen’s work­shop that was enti­tled, ‘Think­ing cre­ative­ly about ENERGETIX’s mag­net­ic jew­ellery.’ Every indi­vid­ual piece of jew­ellery is asso­ci­at­ed with start­ing points that part­ners can draw on using their own cre­ativ­i­ty to find argu­ments that will inspire cus­tomers.CIO Alexan­der Link wel­comed the many par­tic­i­pants from the Nether­lands, Bel­gium and Switzer­land on behalf of ENERGETIX and intro­duced them to this year’s mot­to, which is: ‘Your time is NOW!’. The 10 new­com­ers among the guests who are just start­ing their time with ENERGETIX were par­tic­u­lar­ly inter­est­ed in the pre­sen­ta­tions. That ENERGETIX can deliv­er total suc­cess was again demon­strat­ed by the awards for the STARCLUB mem­bers. Sev­en of the most suc­cess­ful busi­ness part­ners attend­ed the event.Both new­com­ers and the old hands were shown how they could use the new SPRING / SUMMER col­lec­tion and the new Show it! pre­sen­ta­tion sys­tem to launch them­selves into the new year. The two received a great response in Tiel and were the sub­ject of com­pe­tent exchanges. The new com­pe­ti­tion rep­re­sents a spe­cial incen­tive to make an inten­sive start. Alexan­der Link’s pre­sen­ta­tion of the train­ing trip to St. Peters­burg and the valu­able rewards that are also on offer was enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly applaud­ed by the par­tic­i­pants.There were only win­ners in the prize draw that then fol­lowed. Every tick­et was reward­ed with a nice non-cash or jew­ellery prize. The many emails received after the event show how well received it was, includ­ing one from, among oth­ers, Lotte Hulsink that said: “What a beau­ti­ful and pleas­ant day! I imme­di­ate­ly felt at home as a new­com­er. I learned a lot and met new col­leagues. It’s fan­tas­tic that every­body sup­ports each oth­er with tips. It’s real­ly some­thing spe­cial. I can’t wait for the next train­ing event!”Moti­va­tion­al boost to kick off the year in the Nether­lands! The event def­i­nite­ly increased the desire to make a habit out of suc­cess.

Thank you to all the train­ers, orga­niz­ers and helpers who con­tributed to the mak­ing the event turn out so well!

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Great atmosphere in Lyon: French-speaking ENERGETIX business partners kick off the year

They had trav­elled from all over France as well as Switzer­land and Moroc­co to kick off the new – and 15thENERGETIX year togeth­er. A good 80 par­tic­i­pants turned up for the event – even more than in 2017!

ENERGETIX’s CEO and Sole Share­hold­er Roland Förster took the mot­to of „Your Time is NOW!“ to talk about the lat­est devel­op­ments at the com­pa­ny and moti­vate his lis­ten­ers to take every oppor­tu­ni­ty in 2018 to become even more suc­cess­ful. CMO Jes­si­ca Schlick and Event Man­ag­er Petra Schme­ing trav­elled with him from Bin­gen to enter­tain­ing­ly present the new train­ing-trip com­pe­ti­tion and cre­ate more emo­tion­al high­lights on the day with the awards for new­com­ers, the best and the STARCLUB mem­bers.


Every­one was real­ly excit­ed about one item on the agen­da: the SPRING/SUMMER Col­lec­tion for 2018 – pre­sent­ed by Jes­si­ca Schlick! The thrilled par­tic­i­pants grasped the oppor­tu­ni­ty to take a clos­er look at the new items of jew­ellery and try them on!

The like­able coach Christophe Tham­ri made a last­ing impres­sion with his pre­sen­ta­tion that focused on the sub­ject of „Improv­ing skills and adapt­ing busi­ness to the 21st cen­tu­ry“ dur­ing which he also shared many prac­ti­cal tips for increas­ing suc­cess.

A typ­i­cal­ly French evening meal and an inten­sive exchange of expe­ri­ences round­ed off the event in Lyon.

We’re very grate­ful to Josette Desas­sis for her local assis­tance and Anke Hesse-Michaelis for her simul­ta­ne­ous inter­pre­ta­tion!

Here are the pho­tos for you!

ENERGETIX’s event to kick off 2018 in Willingen

It’s become the tra­di­tion to ring in ENERGETIX’s new year in the win­ter-sports resort of Will­in­gen at the begin­ning of Jan­u­ary. It’s also become a tra­di­tion that the mot­to for the new year is announced there at the same time. The mot­to for 2018 is: Your time is NOW!

Your time is NOW! ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt 2018 Willingen

ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt Willingen 2018

Roland Förster, Sole Share­hold­er and CEO of ENERGETIX, wel­comed his guests warm­ly.

Around 400 busi­ness part­ners and friends from all over Ger­many as well as Bel­gium, Den­mark, Lux­em­bourg, the Nether­lands, Aus­tria and Switzer­land – all full of excite­ment and great expec­ta­tions – trav­elled to the venue to launch ENERGETIX’s new year togeth­er.

Whether you were there or not: why not take a look at the event? We’ve put togeth­er the most beau­ti­ful pho­tos and a short film for you!ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt-Event Willingen 2018

Joey Kel­ly spoke to his enthu­si­as­tic audi­ence about his tur­bu­lent 2017 and all the places he’d worn the pop­u­lar sportEX bracelets. Joey had the flex­i­ble sil­i­cone bracelets with inte­grat­ed mag­nets with him on his Ger­many run, the half marathon in Mainz, the RTL tele­vi­sion channel’s telethon for chil­dren in need and dur­ing his many TV appear­ances!
ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt-Event Willingen 2018Joey’s many fans are real­ly excit­ed this year because the first three win­ners in the new com­pe­ti­tion will be able to wel­come Joey in per­son at one of their jew­ellery pre­sen­ta­tions in 2018.

Emo­tion­al awards

A new spe­cial award, accom­pa­nied by the crowd’s applause, was pre­sent­ed to the fastest new­com­ers and the best Inja sell­ers. At the same time, they shared how they were able to achieve these suc­cess­es with the oth­er par­tic­i­pants.

The Spring / Sum­mer Col­lec­tion 2018 thrilled busi­ness part­ners with its many new and mod­ern cre­ations. Pre­sent­ed by Andreas Zwier­lein (design­er) and Jes­si­ca Schlick (mem­ber of the man­ag­ment), the inno­v­a­tive items of jew­ellery and the artis­ti­cal­ly pro­duced cat­a­logue went down very well with the audi­ence.

The event con­tin­ued in an infor­ma­tive style with Brit­ta Rejek intro­duc­ing the new Show it! pre­sen­ta­tion sys­tem.

The revised Well­ness & more brochure with new jew­ellery for pets and oth­er ani­mals – the high­light being the pet blan­ket with sev­en inte­grat­ed mag­nets – were very well received.

The busi­ness part­ners were then able to take a clos­er look at the new prod­ucts dur­ing the breaks, includ­ing the Show it! pre­sen­ta­tion sys­tem.

The after­noon start­ed with impor­tant tips and inspi­ra­tion that were shared by suc­cess­ful busi­ness part­ners. They came on to the stage to talk about how they were able to achieve their goals so suc­cess­ful­ly in 2017.

ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt-Event Willingen 2018

Alexan­der Link

This was fol­lowed by Alexan­der Link’s pre­sen­ta­tion of new tools that have been designed to make sales and cus­tomer man­age­ment sig­nif­i­cant­ly eas­i­er.


Read­ing minds? Yes, with „Mind Hack­er“ Nor­man Alexan­der!

Nor­man Alexan­der

Engag­ing with your oppo­site pos­i­tive­ly and so being able to ini­ti­ate a sales pitch or chat about the busi­ness idea?

Best-sell­ing writer and coach Nor­man Alexan­der got the busi­ness part­ners involved to show them how to do so in a way that was very easy to fol­low!

ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt-Event Willingen 2018

Awards for the best: the STARCLUB

The 60 best in the cat­e­gories of team-build­ing, over­all activ­i­ties and per­son­al sales, that’s who make up ENERGETIX’s STARCLUB. Jes­si­ca Schlick and Alexan­der Link hon­oured every one of the STARCLUB mem­bers at the event in appre­ci­a­tion of their remark­able achieve­ments.
A Walk of Fame with the names of the STARCLUB mem­bers who were present at the event also helped cre­ate a very spe­cial atmos­phere in their hon­our.

ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt-Event Willingen 2018

The day’s pro­gramme was con­clud­ed with the launch of the new com­pe­ti­tion. The most attrac­tive reward in the top cat­e­go­ry among the many oth­er great prizes is a unique trip to St. Peters­burg.

ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt-Event Willingen 2018

The par­tic­i­pants were able to pur­chase raf­fle tick­ets whose pro­ceeds are going to Nepal and Rabindra Puri through­out the day. More than 2,000 euros were raised in this way – an amount that Roland Förster gen­er­ous­ly round­ed up to 3,000 euros.

The ener­gy was great and the spir­its were high at the par­ty that fol­lowed where ENERGETIX’s busi­ness part­ners cel­e­brat­ed their bril­liant achieve­ments and an event that turned out to be a total suc­cess!

ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt 2018 Willingen

ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt 2018 Willingen

Biba Marseglia and Ulrich Lang

And those who had already trav­elled to the venue on Thurs­day and Fri­day were also able to enjoy an extra­or­di­nar­i­ly infor­ma­tive event that focused on the Inja dietary sup­ple­ment and the very pop­u­lar and moti­va­tion­al col­lage train­ing! Biba Marseglia and Uli Lang helped the busi­ness part­ners visu­al­ize their goals and devel­op the right atti­tudes for tack­ling them.

ENERGETIX Jahresauftakt 2018 Willingen

We’ve put the pho­tos for the col­lage train­ing togeth­er for you here.

We thank every­one – those on the stage and those behind the scenes – who made this kick-off meet­ing the great suc­cess that it was!

ENERGETIX, Joey Kelly and the 24-hour go-kart challenge: RTL television station’s telethon with ambitious world-record attempt!

As we all know, extreme sports per­son­al­i­ty, mem­ber of the Kel­ly Fam­i­ly and brand ambas­sador Joey Kel­ly is not some­one who’s known for turn­ing down a sports chal­lenge – no mat­ter how out­landish it may be. So it was clear that he’d be tak­ing part again in the RTL tele­vi­sion station’s telethon this year and throw­ing him­self into an ener­gy-sap­ping 24-hour chal­lenge. This time he had to ped­al a go-kart for 24 hours. With­out a break. But Joey Kel­ly wasn’t alone. He was joined on the track by 20 oth­er com­pa­nies deter­mined to pro­vide their sup­port – and their gen­er­ous dona­tions – with their own go-karts. And because Joey Kel­ly and ENERGETIX go togeth­er like ENERGETIX and social respon­si­bil­i­ty also do, it was no sur­prise that the Bin­gen-based net­work-mar­ket­ing com­pa­ny joined up with him again in 2017! Because social respon­si­bil­i­ty and team spir­it are two of ENERGETIX’s absolute pri­or­i­ties. Besides par­tic­i­pat­ing in the RTL telethon (this year for the third time run­ning!), ENERGETIX also fields a team every year to run for good caus­es in the Guten­berg Half Marathon in Mainz.

The start­ing gun was fired on 23 Novem­ber when RTL’s mega event, it’s telethon and the 24-hour chal­lenge for which KETTLER had made bespoke go-karts for adults, went live on air.
RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017

The 25 mem­bers of ENERGETIX’s team who took to the track in con­sec­u­tive­ly had trav­elled to Cologne from all over Ger­many to come togeth­er and sup­port the good cause with their com­bined strength and ded­i­ca­tion. The team was made up of high­ly moti­vat­ed ENERGETIX busi­ness part­ners and friends as well as Jes­si­ca Schlick and Alexan­der Link of the man­age­ment. Many enthu­si­as­tic sup­port­ers – all wear­ing shirts in the company’s red and blue colours – also turned up to cheer the par­tic­i­pants on!

RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017

“Bru­tal­ly dif­fi­cult, but real­ly great!”
An unin­ter­rupt­ed 24-hour go-kart chal­lenge like this one had nev­er been attempt­ed before. But Joey is a fight­er. And it went with­out say­ing that he’d do his utmost to break this world record as well. So with­out a thought for fatigue, pain and the some­times pour­ing rain: equipped with the inno­v­a­tive and styl­ish sportEX bracelets and an ENERGETIX hat with the famous red frog embla­zoned on it, Joey com­plet­ed round after round for 24 hours with­out a break and so every­body, Joey and the com­pa­ny teams, were able to break the world record! It was Joey’s 12th record at RTL’s telethon – mon­i­tored and cer­ti­fied by the “Reko­rd-Insti­tut für Deutsch­land”!

RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017

CEO Roland Förster and Miri­am Lange

RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017

Top team per­for­mance: 26,567 cir­cuits com­plet­ed for a good cause
Every­one was more than over­joyed that they’d achieved their goal: Joey and every sin­gle mem­ber of the com­pa­ny teams. The go-karts trav­elled more than 7,305 kilo­me­tres in total, which was out­stand­ing because 4,000 kilo­me­tres would have bro­ken the record any­way.

RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017

View­ers and celebri­ties were able to raise a total of 9,188,527 euros through their many dif­fer­ent activ­i­ties at the 22nd RTL telethon with Wol­fram Kons for chil­dren in need in Ger­many and across the world! Com­pa­nies that donat­ed 24,000 euros in advance were able to secure a go-kart for them­selves – which in itself had raised almost half a mil­lion euros before the chal­lenge had even start­ed! ENERGETIX was able to donate 70,000 euros and so make a huge con­tri­bu­tion to the telethon’s suc­cess.

Roland Förster and host Wol­fram Kons

No-one could have wished for more at the event in Cologne as there was great team spir­it, lots of fun, some­times pour­ing rain, phys­i­cal exer­tion, an iron deter­mi­na­tion not to give up and lots of mag­net­ic pow­er thanks to the sportEX mag­net­ic bracelets. We’ve put togeth­er the most beau­ti­ful impres­sions from these unfor­get­table 24 hours for a good cause in a jam-packed on-line album for you. We hope you enjoy it!