Freshly „baked“ – the sportEX bracelet

The sil­i­cone sportEX bracelet by ENERGETIX Bin­gen became quite a suc­cess almost imme­di­ate­ly after it was launched. The first deliv­ery sold out with­in just a few days and the demand for sub­se­quent ship­ments was extra­or­di­nar­i­ly high.

Full of inno­va­tion and qual­i­ty: the flex­i­ble sil­i­cone bracelet with inte­grat­ed neodymi­um mag­nets
The sil­i­cone sportEX bracelet that com­bines a beau­ti­ful and mod­ern design with extra­or­di­nary prac­ti­cal­i­ty comes with strong neodymi­um mag­nets that are encap­su­lat­ed in almost inde­struc­tible sil­i­cone – not only for a young and sport­ing audi­ence in bril­liant colours but also for all those who want to wear a robust bracelet even in demand­ing con­di­tions. A bracelet that will sur­vive the show­er, sauna, swim­ming pool and almost any oth­er sports, leisure, house­hold or hob­by activ­i­ty with­out suf­fer­ing any dam­age!

How is the sportEX bracelet made?
ENERGETIX Bin­gen devel­oped and designed the sportEX bracelet and even close­ly super­vised the test batch and first pro­duc­tion runs. ENERGETIX also mon­i­tored the imple­men­ta­tion of its qual­i­ty stan­dards at site.

The pro­duc­tion of sportEX bracelets com­mences with a high-qual­i­ty sil­i­cone mass, which is man­u­fac­tured to sat­is­fy Euro­pean safe­ty stan­dards. The entire pro­duc­tion process is gov­erned by EU reg­u­la­tions (EC), which are based on the REACH sys­tem (Reg­is­tra­tion, Eval­u­a­tion, Autho­ri­sa­tion and Restric­tion of Chem­i­cals) that spec­i­fies the exclu­sive use of reg­is­tered mate­ri­als and the avoid­ance of haz­ardous sub­stances in prod­ucts man­u­fac­tured in accor­dance with the EC’s RoHS direc­tive (Restric­tion of (the use of cer­tain) haz­ardous sub­stances). These reg­u­la­tions apply to such high-qual­i­ty prod­ucts as cars, elec­tri­cal and elec­tron­ic appli­ances and, of course, to sportEX by ENERGETIX Bin­gen.

Raw sil­i­cone in rolls

The raw sil­i­cone is dyed in accor­dance with ENERGETIX’s spec­i­fi­ca­tions – in this case a strong pink – and shaped to the right size.

Unfin­ished sil­i­cone bracelets in pink strips

The strips and three mag­nets per bracelet are then placed very care­ful­ly with great accu­ra­cy in a large press and pressed at a very high pres­sure and tem­per­a­ture for a pre­cise­ly defined peri­od of time – they are „baked“ so to speak! This is where the bracelets take their final shape and where the ENERGETIX let­ter­ing in clear writ­ing and Braille as well as all the design ele­ments are applied. This turns the raw sil­i­cone into a soft and flex­i­ble item of jew­ellery that is pleas­ant to wear.

Press (left) and mould (right)

In the next stage of work, the sportEX bracelets are tak­en out of the press to then be fin­ished.

The sil­i­cone bracelets being care­ful­ly removed from the met­al mould

At this point in pro­duc­tion, the sports bracelets still pos­sess the unavoid­able residues from the press­ing stage on them. This indi­cates that suf­fi­cient mate­r­i­al was in the press and that no holes or hol­low spaces have spoilt the jew­ellery.

The raw sportEX prod­uct

After the excess sil­i­cone has been removed and the bracelets have been cleaned, a spe­cial pro­tec­tive film is applied that large­ly pre­vents them from attract­ing dust as is fre­quent­ly the case with cheap prod­ucts. The sportEX bracelets are fin­ished by plac­ing them in the sta­bi­liza­tion oven for an extend­ed peri­od of time.

The sequence of work described above shows how com­plex the pro­duc­tion of sportEX sil­i­cone bracelets actu­al­ly is. But it is only this elab­o­rate man­u­fac­tur­ing process that makes it pos­si­ble to guar­an­tee that the colour will last and that the bracelets will be suf­fi­cient­ly durable. It makes them stand out from many the mass-pro­duced and fre­quent­ly only injec­tion-mould­ed pieces on the mar­ket. And it is not with­out pride that Dr Thiel, COO at ENERGETIX, report­ed the suc­cess of „hav­ing been able to work with a renowned pro­duc­er to tech­ni­cal­ly struc­ture the rel­a­tive­ly com­plex process in such a way that we are able to guar­an­tee a mag­net­ic field strength of 1,200 per mag­net to our dis­trib­u­tors and cus­tomers in spite of the high pro­cess­ing tem­per­a­ture“.

So it only remains to wish every­body lots of fun with the new sports bracelets.

ENERGETIX to dedicate itself entirely to art and charity on 15 December 2012

Franziska Knuppe is the celebri­ty backer of the 15th „door“ on BMW’s Art Advent Cal­en­dar – a project in which ENERGETIX is par­tic­i­pat­ing for the first time this year – and is to open „her“ door at the Jumeirah Hotel in Frank­furt am Main.

The inter­na­tion­al­ly suc­cess­ful mod­el – along with the actor, Ralf Bauer, among oth­ers (see pre­vi­ous FROGBLOG report) – is one of 24 back­ers for the works of art that the respec­tive artists are donat­ing to char­i­ty. As the backer for the 15th „door“, Franziska Knuppe vis­it­ed Ilona Arndt at her stu­dios in Hanover to join forces with the artist and paint a pic­ture for the cal­en­dar.

Ilona Arndt and
Franziska Knuppe

And today, on Sat­ur­day, 15 Decem­ber 2012, the 15th „door“ on the larg­er-than-life advent cal­en­dar is to be opened and the day’s spe­cif­ic work of art revealed at a fes­tive event being held at the Jumeirah (MyZeil Gallery) in Frank­furt. Inci­den­tal­ly, it’s the first time that the XXL Art Advent Cal­en­dar is also being staged in Frank­furt am Main in addi­tion to Berlin and Munich.

Besides the artist, Ilona Arndt, who is donat­ing her work of art, and her backer, Franziska Knuppe, the man­age­ment at ENERGETIX Bin­gen, which is con­tribut­ing to the project’s suc­cess by mak­ing a large dona­tion to the „Artists for Kids“ char­i­ty, will also be in atten­dance at the event.

A fur­ther high­light besides the unveil­ing of the work of art for the Art Advent Cal­en­dar will be the pre­sen­ta­tion of an enter­tain­ing short film show­ing the pro­duc­tion of a sec­ond joint work of art by Ilona Arndt and Franziska Knuppe. You can watch this short film here!

Teamed togeth­er on a paint­ing: artist Ilona Arndt and mod­el Franziska Knuppe

Inter­est­ed read­ers will find all 24 „sto­ries“ and pho­tos of the works of art donat­ed by the 24 artists in the spe­cial edi­tion of „Char­i­ty Mag­a­zin Dezem­ber 2012“. The 24 films may also be watched on an online Advent cal­en­dar at

„Open the doors!“ Ralf Bauer, a charity project and lots and lots of art

Ralf Bauer, god­fa­ther of the Advent-Art calendar’s
Twelfth Day

FROGBLOG first report­ed BMW’s Art Advent Cal­en­dar project that is being staged in sev­er­al cities for the „Artists for Kids“ char­i­ty on 1 Decem­ber. With­in the scope of this char­i­ty event that is being held in Munich, Berlin and Frank­furt am Main, promi­nent back­ers will be open­ing „their“ Advent cal­en­dar „doors“ – behind which works of art (donat­ed to the project by the respec­tive artists) have been con­cealed from 1 to 24 Decem­ber.

Ralf Bauer, who has for sev­er­al years been work­ing with jew­ellery design­ers at ENERGETIX Bin­gen to cre­ate the „Inspired by Ralf Bauer“ range, will also be par­tic­i­pat­ing in this project. With Han­nelore Elsner, Dominic Raacke, Kat­ja Flint, Chris­t­ian Berkel and many oth­er celebri­ties, he is back­ing one of the 24 con­tem­po­rary works of art cre­at­ed for BMW’s Art Advent Cal­en­dar 2012.

Specif­i­cal­ly, Ralf Bauer will be back­ing the twelfth work of art, a sculp­ture by the sculp­tor, Hen­doc. And this is a duo that works real­ly well togeth­er because when they met at the artist’s stu­dio, Ralf Bauer active­ly got involved – with chain­saw, mal­let and chis­el – in turn­ing a wood­en block into a sculp­ture with the artist.

Ralf Bauer play­ing with fire

The twelfth „door“ on the XXL Advent Cal­en­dar is to be opened on Wednes­day, 12 Decem­ber 2012 – in the pres­ence of Hen­doc, Ralf Bauer and rep­re­sen­ta­tives of the spon­sor­ing com­pa­ny (Beth­mann Bank) – to reveal the wood sculptor’s work, which will then be pre­sent­ed on the façade of BMW’s build­ing in Munich (Lenbach­platz 7a).

Inter­est­ed read­ers may find out more about this year’s Art Advent Cal­en­dar (which is in its fifth incar­na­tion), the artists and the celebri­ty back­ers in the spe­cial issue of „Char­i­ty Mag­a­zin Dezem­ber 2012“ and online at

Ful­ly con­cen­trat­ed : artist Hen­doc and actor Ralf Bauer in part­ner­ship

Xmas countdown in the ENERGETIX warehouse

Decem­ber has begun, Christ­mas is inex­orably approach­ing and ENERGETIX Bin­gen is mak­ing a spe­cial effort to ensure that all dis­trib­u­tors receive the goods they have ordered as quick­ly as pos­si­ble.




The ware­house team is enthu­si­as­ti­cal­ly start­ing work at 7 o’clock every morn­ing to process all the orders that have come in and dis­patch the pack­ets and parcels as fast as they can. Staff from all depart­ments are lend­ing a help­ing hand.

A very special type of charity: The Art Advent Calendar

Besides its com­mit­ment to the Hugo Tem­pel­man Foun­da­tion, ENERGETIX Bin­gen will this year be par­tic­i­pat­ing in a very spe­cial char­i­ty: the BMW Art Advent Cal­en­dar, which 2012 is being pub­lished for the fifth time.

The prin­ci­ple on which it is based com­bines art with celebri­ties and busi­ness­es to cre­ate a char­i­ty project with this „trio“ that attracts great atten­tion in the media. How­ev­er, the actu­al fig­ure is not actu­al­ly three, but 24:

Twen­ty-four artists – in con­junc­tion with a celebri­ty backer – have each cre­at­ed a work of art for a spe­cial Advent cal­en­dar and donat­ed it to char­i­ty. Renowned busi­ness­es and media com­pa­nies have helped fund the over­all project and this year, all pro­ceeds are to be donat­ed to the „Artists for Kids“ char­i­ty.

The project, which was estab­lished in 1999 by Bernd Eichinger (1949 — 2011) among oth­ers, pro­vides unbu­reau­crat­ic help to chil­dren as well as young peo­ple and their fam­i­lies liv­ing in Munich who find them­selves in dif­fi­cult sit­u­a­tions.

Three cities – three giant Advent cal­en­dars

In the days lead­ing up to Christ­mas, the show­room win­dows at BMW in Munich (Lenbach­platz 7a) and Berlin (Kur­fürs­ten­damm 31) and the façade of the MyZeil-Galerie (Große Esch­er­sheimer Straße 10 / Thurn-und-Taxis-Platz 2) in Frankfurt’s city cen­tre are going to be turned into XXL Advent cal­en­dars. A „door“ will be opened each day from 1 to 24 Decem­ber to reveal the respec­tive work of art. The par­tic­i­pat­ing artists along with their back­ers and busi­ness spon­sors as well as the ini­tia­tors and press rep­re­sen­ta­tives will be attend­ing the events at which the works of art are to be pre­sent­ed.

The ENERGETIX Char­i­ty Event at the Jumeirah, Frank­furt

ENERGETIX Bin­gen will be „sup­port­ing ‚door‘ No. 15“ and is plan­ning to turn the 15th Decem­ber into an event. We will not be reveal­ing the names of the artist and backer just yet – after all, the ENERGETIX „door“ is only going to be offi­cial­ly opened at the Jumeirah to reveal the work of art (which we are also keep­ing secret!) on Sat­ur­day, 15 Decem­ber 2012.

Films, on the eve of Christ­mas

Twen­ty-four short films doc­u­ment­ing the cre­ation of the respec­tive works of art are also going to be trans­mit­ted on the N24 tele­vi­sion chan­nel from 1 to 24 Decem­ber. The film about ENERGETIX’s work of art will, of course, be trans­mit­ted on 15 Decem­ber – at 12.05 p.m. All films are to be shown around the clock on the Inter­net at