Emotional and promising: Defining personal goals and implementing them – the collage training!

Already an established institution that takes place ahead of ENERGETIX’s event to kick off the year: the creative goal-defining collage training in Willingen! Everyone was cutting and gluing like mad on Friday.

Nothing was left out, from personal development through trips of a lifetime to dream cars from the ENERGETIXDrive programme! The creative goal-defining collage training with the experienced business partners, Ulrich Lang and Biba Marseglia, helped participants become more aware of their actual goals and so help them become better able to work towards them in future.

The setting of personal goals and visualisation is seen as an important instrument in the achievement of one’s own dreams and the fulfilment of one’s own expectations. And the participants’ successes speak for themselves.

Our thanks go to the organizers who once again pulled out all the stops to support the participants with advice and help at all times.

We’ve put together a few impressions of the day in an on-line photo album for you.

ENERGETIX means the future – The annual kick-off meeting in France

ENERGETIX’s French-speaking business partners met on 7 January in the first calendar week to kick off the year. More than 70 participants from France, Switzerland and Morocco had accepted ENERGETIX’s invitation and come along to ring in the new business year for 2017. We’d like to thank Josette Desassis and Anke Hesse-Michaelis at this point for preparing and organising the event and for their support on location!

Roland Förster, ENERGETIX’s Sole Shareholder and Owner; Jessica Schlick, CMO, and Petra Schmeing, Event Manager, had also travelled to the east of France to report the latest developments within the company and to set the mood of the French-speaking business partners for ENERGETIX’s new year with the new motto, ‘Love your future!’

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ENERGETIX with a job for the future – ‘Helping arguments’ for winning new business partners from a government minister


Andrea Nahles and Roland Förster

Andrea Nahles visited ENERGETIX’s Bingen headquarters in October last year. The Federal German Minister for Labour was not only delighted with the exclusive designer jewellery but also with the working conditions that ENERGETIX’s business partners enjoy.

No wonder that the minister was not only impressed but also surprised when she visited. The principles that have governed the successful activities of ENERGETIX’s business partners for years satisfy almost all the requirements that her ministry has now set out in its White Paper about Change in the World of Employment, which was published at the end of November.

And, according to the White Paper*, the following list sets out just a few of the things that applicants will want from the best jobs in the future:

    • Flexible working hours
    • Home office instead of compulsory presence
    • Compatibility between career and family
    • Appreciation
    • Work-life balance
    • Further qualification in computer-based skills
    • Personal fulfilment
    • Happiness, satisfaction, self-fulfilment
    • Meaning and joy
    • Fun at work

This wish list for future jobs reads like an insider’s description of the conditions that ENERGETIX’s business partners already enjoy. It’s good for all business partners to know that they’re working in an environment that others can only dream of, particularly in this grouping of requirements. Nearly all of the targets set out in the ministry’s White Paper apply to the ENERGETIX job. So the next time you want to persuade a prospective business partner with powerful arguments, you can do so with the ministry’s help. We could have hardly wished for better supporting arguments.

*The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has published a White Paper to document a broader discussion in society about ‘Work 4.0’ and to explore how society could structure work in the future.

Together for a good cause: ENERGETIX business partners, Joey Kelly and the RTL television channel’s telethon!

Social responsibility and the hunt for world records – how do they go together? ENERGETIX does not only design and sell high-quality designer jewellery with integrated magnets but also always gives its business partners the opportunity to take part in extraordinary events and to experience very special and emotional moments within the team.

On 24 / 25 November, for instance, a group of ENERGETIX business partners were able to take part in the 24-hour bike challenge at the RTL television channel’s telethon and then break a world record: Joey Kelly, extreme sports personality and enthusiastic sportEX fan, joined the ENERGETIX team and 25 other company teams to cycle for 24 hours on spinning bikes to generate electricity that was then sold with the proceeds going to a good cause … the ‘RTL – Wir helfen Kindern’ foundation. They were even able to break the world record for the ‘largest amount of electricity generated by muscle power on stationary bikes’! Congratulations!


“Physically I feel quite good. I had a low during the night but everyone here cheered me on. I’m so grateful to be a part of the telethon,” Joey said happily as he climbed from his spinning bike for the first time in 24 hours.And the business partners also enjoyed the physically challenging mega-event and bask in the feeling of having conquered it as a team and having made an important contribution to a good cause.

This way to the photos!

Jessica Schlick, member of ENERGETIX’s management, was even live in RTL’s studio to hand over the funds collected by ENERGETIX to the host, Wolfram Kons, who accepted on behalft of the ‘RTL – Wir helfen Kindern’ charity: symbolically in the shape of one of ENERGETIX’s magnetic bracelets in which the total had been engraved – a magnificent 70,000 euros!

Charity has always been and is of special importance to Roland Förster. So ENERGETIX’s founder was particularly happy to be able to make a decisive contribution to the foundation’s projects as one of the main sponsors of the 24-hour bike challenge.

Joey Kelly, who is a friend of the business, and the 26 highly motivated company teams that took on the challenge generated funds totalling 733,000 euros this year!   RTL’s 21st telethon, the longest charity show on German TV, generated a remarkable sum of 7.8 million euros to help children in need.

Business-partner meeting in Nantes / France: Christine Le Ridant’s team meets for an intensive exchange

Twenty-five members from Christine Le Ridant’s very successful team accepted her invitation to travel to La Ferrière near Nantes on 18 September to experience an informative and entertaining weekend in Brittany together!


The meeting was kicked off with feedback about the Collection Premiere in Berlin. Using a PowerPoint presentation, Renée Piguet shared all the news and highlights of the impressive event in Berlin with those who were unfortunately unable to attend at the end of August. The presentation of ENERGETIX’s new collection of magnetic jewellery, which was very well received by the participants, constituted another highlight at the meeting. “Everybody just LOVED the new collection,” said Renée Piguet.

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Flower power in the Mediterranean – ENERGETIX’s training trip to Majorca

Around 30 business partners from the Netherlands and Germany travelled to Majorca from 11 to 14 October. They were invited because of the convincing results they had achieved during the activity period between May and July 2016. Because success is always appreciated at ENERGETIX.


This way to the photos!

The participants were not only able to enjoy the splendid natural sights, they were also able to explore the Mediterranean culture that exists on the popular holiday island. And this exploration was kicked off with a tasty tapas tour during which the travellers were able to move from station to station trying the typical dishes and tasting the wines to match the delicious morsels.


The group around Roland Förster, CEO and Sole Shareholder, and Alexander Link, CIO / COO, were taken out on a catamaran the next day to enjoy the views of the enchanting island from the sea and relax in glorious sunshine! And, of course, the trip also provided the important opportunity for the travellers to exchange experiences, which is an aspect that is always essential to any ENERGETIX event.

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Thanks for your feedback: ENERGETIX’s on-line questionnaire about the Collection Premiere 2016

An invitation went out again this year to all ENERGETIX business partners – whether they were at the Collection Premiere in Berlin or not – to take part in the survey about the event. That’s because ENERGETIX cares about all its business partners’ wishes and suggestions.


Three attractive jewellery sets from the collection will be given given away to winners drawn from all participants. The lucky winners are:

Alexandra Kirchner (DE)

Elisabeth Oelgray (DE)

Alicia Verkaart (NL)

Many thanks to all who took part and we hope the winners really enjoy their new jewellery sets!

BE A STAR – the STARCLUB get-together in Berlin: many countries, one team!

Berlin. With glorious sunshine and warm summer temperatures, the international STARCLUB members already started their exciting Collection Premiere weekend on Thursday, 25 August, to get together as a group and get in the mood for the upcoming presentation of the new collection!

After a convivial lunch snack in the summer gardens of the Estrel Hotel and a welcome speech by management, things got serious: Jessica Schlick, a member of the management team, introduced all of the new STARCLUB members and interviewed these lucky Stars about their success. 160907_bildleiste_1_low_dg

Exclusive sneak preview
Before CIO/COO Alexander Link introduced the newest developments from the area of IT,
the relaxation mask MagnetRelax was presented to the Stars before the official launch. All of the participants immediately and enthusiastically tried out this new ENERGETIX innovation with seven strong neodymium magnets!


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