A magnificent day in Berlin as the kick-off to the Collection Premiere weekend: International STARCLUB get-together in Berlin!

The best of the best, the international STARCLUB, got together on Thursday, August 31, two days before the 2017 Collection Premiere, to get in the mood for the most important event of the year at ENERGETIX.

After sharing a lunch snack at the ESTREL Hotel, ENERGETIX owner and CEO Roland Förster warmly greeted his stars. Together with CMO Jessica Schlick and CIO/COO Alexander Link, he introduced the new STARCLUB members and provided information on the latest company developments and plans.

To everyone’s delight, every STARCLUB member there was exclusively presented with the newest wellness product from ENERGETIX, which would not be presented to the entire business partnership until the Collection Premiere: MagnetComfort, the brilliant neck pillow with integrated magnets!

Fully reflecting the corporate colours of ENERGETIX, chic outfits in the company’s colours of dark blue and fiery red were called for that evening. The diverse and very individual ENERGETIX looks were another highlight of this fantastic day!

See for yourself: We have put together a selection of the loveliest pictures from the STARCLUB get-together for you here.

Departing right from the jetty in front of the hotel, the stars took a very relaxed journey by boat in the early evening to the White Spree Lounge, the exclusive location of the 15th anniversary party. Sparkling wine in the company colours of blue and red, a delicious buffet, food fresh off the grill and a beautiful view of the river Spree all contributed to the high-spirited atmosphere.

At this event as well, the wonderful bonding and the lively exchange of information was obvious between the STARCLUB members who had travelled to Berlin from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Switzerland and Turkey, as well as all over Germany. Before the celebrations moved to the dance floor, the stars were able to enjoy their festive awards and an exclusive jewellery gift from the brand-new collection!

Come in! ENERGETIX is always happy to open its doors to its business partners

From the idea to the finished item: how is ENERGETIX’s catalogue produced? Who do those nice voices in Customer Support belong to? What happens in the warehouse and how does the highly modern engraving machine work?

Visiting ENERGETIX in Bingen: business partners from several teams

Around 50 business partners were able to gain an impression of their company for themselves on Friday. The brief introduction and a few items of news and information about the company were followed by a question-and-answer session with CIO / COO Alexander Link. And it’s precisely this direct contact that takes place at all ENERGETIX events that ENERGETIX business partners greatly appreciate. Members of the Bingen staff then accompanied the visitors on a tour of the premises and provided exclusive insights into the various departments’ working processes.

First-hand information: Alexander Link of the management with his staff

Business partner Angela Schneider and her team thrilled with a creative song and guitar accompaniment. They had adapted the popular song ‘Tage wie diese’ (‘Days Like This’) by the Tote Hosen to their trip to Bingen and performed it together.

Highly motivated, creative and in good spirits: Angela Schneider and her team surprised everybody with their song!

Things became very emotional when mentor Ulrich Lang – ENERGETIX man of the first hour and model for an exemplary career with ENERGETIX – suddenly turned up and further boosted spirits with his warmth.

The jewellery-design and marketing departments providing insights behind the scenes

Informative and in a great mood: experiencing ENERGETIX up close!

The participants were of course able to talk to each other about their experiences. This immensely important aspect is a must at any ENERGETIX event. Such an exchange will soon be taking place at international level at the annual Collection Premiere. The 15th anniversary in Berlin is certainly going to be a very special event – and something to really look forward to!

The trip to Bingen was then rounded off by a boat trip on the River Rhine. This is how much fun work can be!The atmosphere was noticeably great: all business partners visibly enjoyed their day out in Bingen!

Business partners are always welcome to visit company headquarters in Bingen.

Just get in touch with ENERGETIX’s Customer Support if you’re interested.

A warm welcome to Bingen, to the UNESCO World Heritage Site that is the Upper Central Rhine Valley: The competition event for ENERGETIX newcomers

Newcomers who qualify in one of the competitions are able to enjoy a two-day trip to ENERGETIX’s headquarters that is rounded off with an attractive accompanying programme!

The event is so popular that even many of the ‘old hands’ would love to take part a second time. But trips to Bingen are only open to new business partners. This time to newcomers who had qualified in the LOVE YOUR BUSINESS and BE A STAR competitions. The prize is intended to give newcomers the opportunity to experience their company directly, meet the people behind the scenes, swap notes with others who are new to the business and connect with the management.

Intensive exchange of experiences: the current winners, a 52-strong group, met on 22 June for an exclusive tour of the company in Bingen. The business partners from Germany, Belgium and Switzerland took the opportunity that the tour of the site’s departments offered to ask questions and make suggestions.

With her 14 years of practical experience at markets and home parties, successful business partner Annette Becker-Boons, along with CMO Jessica Schlick, shared many valuable tried-and-tested practical tips with the participants on the first day. Questions about ENERGETIX and business with ENERGETIX were dealt with in detail just as happily as were the questions about the IT … which CIO / COO Alexander Link was glad to answer.

Romantic sunset on the banks of the River Rhine:  the first of the two newcomer days in Bingen came to an end with a delicious evening meal, emotional recognition of the newcomers and a lively party with tasty cocktails that was held on a roof terrace furnished with comfy lounge furniture.

Shipshape, a good head for heights and a sense of enjoyment: the Friday was reserved for a joint team experience in the Niederwald. A boat outing to Assmannshausen, famous for its red wines, trips on chairlifts and cable cars with magnificent views across the Central Rhine Valley, a hiking tour with wine tasting and a concluding lunch in a secluded beer garden on the banks of the River Rhine created a nice mix of adventure and relaxation.

The newcomers then departed for home with many positive impressions in their luggage. We wish all participants continued fun and success with ENERGETIX!

You’ll find the photos of the newcomer event that took place on 22 and 23 June 2017 here.

BE A STAR – the exclusive trip to Puerto Rico and the locations used in this year’s ENERGETIX catalogue!

All those ENERGETIX business partners whose outstanding performances qualified them for the first category of the training-trip competition must have felt like stars as they travelled to the original locations in Puerto Rico that were used for the catalogue photo shoots!

A professional photo shoot at one of the original locations used for the ENERGETIX’s main catalogue for 2017 awaited the group of business partners in the Caribbean island state! Experienced hair and make-up artists and a professional photographer staged our ‘models’ perfectly!

There was also lots to explore on the trip to Puerto Rico, which took place from 3 to 10 June: the international group took off on their exciting excursions into the region from their bases at the Wyndham Grand Rio Mar Beach Resort & Spa in Río Grande and the Hotel El Convento in San Juan.
The island presented itself from its most beautiful side during a tour to the tropical El Yunque national park on the east side of the island, during the catamaran trip that stopped off at the most glorious of Caribbean islands and during the Bio Bay kayak tour.

Puerto Rico puts you in mind of turquoise sea, breathtaking and stunning sandy beaches, exotic coconut trees and an infectious zest for life. The sun-drenched island nation is also naturally associated with such rum-based fruity cocktails as Piña Colada and Mojito. And so an outing to the Casa Bacardi in Catano was also a must!

Whizzing over the rainforest? Yes, and so it was off to the Toro Verde national park for a real adventure that included adrenaline and a unique breathtaking bird’s-eye view! The longest zip line in the Americas was a pure thrill and created unforgettable moments for the participants – moments that are only possible on one of ENERGETIX’s competition trips.

The business partners returned home with great motivation as well as with great impressions of the island along with exclusive photos from the professional photo shoot at the Hotel El Convento / San Juan and ready to better their previous successes so that they can take their place on the next training trip!

Here is a compilation of the most beautiful impressions for you!

Fascinating port cities, an ancient theatre and an impressive safari with off-road vehicles to Mount Etna

Success with ENERGETIX always pays dividends in several ways. Those, for example, who are particularly successful in the training-trip competition are rewarded with exclusive incentive trips!

Sun, sea and sand: qualifiers for the 2nd category of ENERGETIX’s training-trip competition were sent off on a trip to Sicily from 16 to 20 May 2017!

BE A STAR – that was the motto for the just under 40-strong group of international participants that had won the opportunity to experience the varied cultural and natural sights on this popular Mediterranean island. The group – this time composed of independent business partners from Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland and Turkey – was able to enjoy five days together in Mediterranean surroundings!

The participants were based in the Villa Itria Grand Hotel in the port of Catania from where they were able to take off on their pleasure and adventure trips to the eastern part of the island.

UNESCO World Heritage: besides the exploration of the late baroque old town of Catania and a trip to the old town of Syracuse, there was also a tour of the old town of Taormina with its ancient theatre – and its magnificent backdrop and the breathtaking distant view – on the itinerary.

One special highlight was the probably unforgettable safari in off-road vehicles in the area around Mount Etna (3323 metres), the largest and most active volcano in Europe, which was followed by lunch served at a Sicilian vineyard that included such specialities as bruschetta, olives, cheese and, of course, the region’s sun-kissed wines.

The business-partner awards, which are a permanent fixture on every competition trip, were staged at the Farewell Dinner that was held at the Sciarelle country house.

And, besides the various cultural and culinary highlights, the strengthening of team spirit and the exchanging of experiences also naturally played an important role so that the participants returned home highly motivated and ready to get back to business!

We’ve put together the most beautiful impressions from Sicily in an on-line photo album exclusively for you.

Frogs aren’t afraid of the rain. ENERGETIX, Joey Kelly and the half marathon for a good cause

Once again, a dedicated team of ENERGETIX runners took up the challenge of conquering the good 21 kilometres in 2017. And mega-motivator Joey Kelly travelled to Mainz to accompany his charges across the finishing line once again. But ‘high and dry’ wouldn’t be the right thing to say here because it rained on the said Sunday and, although there were a few dry spells, everyone still got wet. The around 70 runners, however, didn’t let that spoil their fun in any way!

More than 5,700 participants completed the half marathon and a good 70 of these were easily identifiable as ENERGETIX runners by their blue-and-red shirts. They had trained hard and had travelled from all over Germany and Austria to join in the fun and battle through kilometre by kilometre for themselves and their team.

And Joey did his utmost to motivate his ENERGETIX team to make sure that literally everyone got home with a medal. And he succeeded. Congratulations! The exhausted and delighted expressions on the faces on the ‘Frog runners’ as they crossed the finishing line speak volumes!

Immediately after the run, the likeable and multi-talented Joey had to head straight for the ZDF TV channel afterwards where host Andrea Kiewel, his brothers and sisters and a delighted audience awaited a performance by the Kelly Family!

The day before, runners had been given the opportunity to discover everything about running at the Marathon Fair in the Rheingoldhalle. Also present: a stand organized by ENERGETIX business partners who presented the new two-tone design of the popular sportEX bracelets in front of the smart new sportEX trade-fair wall.

Great tradition: the ENERGETIX team consisting of independent ENERGETIX business partners, staff and friends of the company took up the sporting challenge to run together for a good cause. Two euros per kilometre were again donated to ENERGETIX’s charity partner in South Africa, the Hugo-Tempelman Foundation.

We would also like to thank the organizing team and the massage team, which was so important to the runners, for their active support and all the fans who cheered the runners on along the route!

We have put together an exclusive compilation of the most moving impressions of the mega event in Mainz for you here.

The stars in Mainz – international STARCLUB meeting ahead of the Gutenberg Marathon

On Friday and Saturday, ENERGETIX’s most successful business partners came together for an intensive two days of training just before the mega sports event on 7 May.

Those who are admitted to the renowned STARCLUB as independent business partners have produced outstanding performances and are recognized accordingly. ENERGETIX sends out invitations to its stars several times a year to receive exclusive first-hand news, to exchange experiences with others and to relax together and enjoy an exclusive entertainment programme as well as to gather strength for the months ahead in atmospheric surroundings.

The Novotel, situated at the heart of the capital city of the Rhineland-Palatinate, constituted the ideal venue for this international event. The warm welcome was followed by ENERGETIX’s management – Roland Förster, Alexander Link and Jessica Schlick – presenting current innovations and plans for the future of the successful network-marketing company. A lively exchange that benefited all sides rounded off the afternoon before the members proceeded to the evening event with the emotional ceremony to recognize new STARCLUB members and the party afterwards at the Kupferberg Terrace event location.

Saturday saw the happy stars take an entertaining and informative tour of Mainz. Besides a trip to the church of St. Stephan with its world-famous Chagall windows, the participants also enjoyed a culinary excursion that focused on the topic of wine and chocolate. A really successful conclusion to an intensive and emotional two days’ meeting of the STARCLUB!

Forty-two highly motivated business partners from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland returned home to their teams with fresh information and renewed motivation. We wish everyone great success!

Many cheered on ENERGETIX’s half-marathon runners at the Gutenberg Marathon on Sunday. With success: all members of the team reached the finishing line after a good 21 kilometres. Congratulations!

Here are the photos for you!

Visitors from the Netherlands: highly motivated business partners drop in at ENERGETIX in Bingen

There’s nothing better than the direct contact that results from a personal visit. That’s why ENERGETIX business partners were happy to take the – always welcome – opportunity to visit their company, get better acquainted with the management and to see what the employees get up to at work.

Business partner Jeannette Bal van Schijndel and her team travelled to Bingen from the Netherlands on Friday, 31 March. After the warm welcome by Jessica Schlick (CMO) and the informative business presentation by Thomas Görmar, the morning was rounded off with a training session that was presented by Jeannette Bal van Schijndel. After lunch, Marcella Ferretti, who is a jewellery designer at ENERGETIX, gave the group the opportunity to see items of jewellery in the new SPRING / SUMMER collection. The happy group was then given a guided tour of the warehouse, engraving department, Customer Support and marketing and so gained an insight into how the company operates. It is particularly the new team members who benefit from the personal impressions and broad range of information that result from such events.

Communications were ‘barrier-free’ because Thomas Görmar was able to show off how international Customer Support at ENERGETIX is by presenting the tour in the native tongue of the company’s friends and business partners from the Netherlands!

When jewellery hits the road: Collection on Tour – another huge success in 2017!

In view of last year’s great response to the collection going on tour, it was only natural that the new items of jewellery from the SPRING / SUMMER brochure would hit the road again in spring this year! The highlight was, of course, that the collection went on tour BEFORE the official launch!

The spring-fresh collection made stops at six locations: Berlin, Wutach, Essen, Kempen, Wermelskirchen and Nuremberg. Another Collection-on-Tour event was also held in Kleinbottwar / Baden-Württemberg on the first weekend of April.

The response was extremely positive overall: business partners and everyone else who was interested turned up in large numbers at the local events to be the first to take a look at the new creations, to try them on, ask questions about them and to talk to others about them. The special presentations in the shape of red-carpet fashion shows were also very well received!

It’s safe to say that ENERGETIX’s jewellery and the internationally tried-and-tested business idea won many new friends wherever it appeared!

The first STARCLUB meeting in 2017 on 16 and 17 February – Heidelberg presented itself from its best side

Romantic Heidelberg turned out to be an ideal location for exchanging experiences, sharing first-hand information and cultivating and strengthening friendships.

Romantic Heidelberg turned out to be an ideal location for exchanging experiences, sharing first-hand information and cultivating and strengthening friendships.
That the 55 participants from Denmark, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland grew even closer during the first STARCLUB meeting in 2017 was not least due to the fact that they were all able to explore the city in a speed-dating style so that everybody got to chat to everybody else. Lunch at the ‘Kulturbrauerei’ – a genuine insider tip – immersed everybody in the tradition of the historical university city while the evening event at ‘Level12’ presented the modern and contemporary side of this vibrant city on the banks of the River Neckar – the ideal venue for honouring the STARCLUB members at a friendly get-together and party. The view across the evening city from this unique location: captivating and breathtaking.

Roland Förster, Sole Shareholder and CEO, welcomed the guests on Friday evening with ‘first-hand’ information about the company. Alexander Link then provided background news about current and future webshop projects and chaired the subsequent feedback discussion. Jessica Schlick also directed attention towards the future – specifically towards the topic of ‘Setting Goals for 2017’. The Finisher Awards 2016 demonstrated that goals are well worth pursuing. The renewed presentation of ‘Inja’ was definitely another highlight of the STARCLUB event in Heidelberg. ENERGETIX’s first dietary supplement was presented live in greater detail by the pharmacist Dr Becker who then remained available for a more intensive round of questions.

Being a member in ENERGETIX’s STARCLUB – the highest award for best performances. Heidelberg once again demonstrated how rewarding it is to reach this goal and to be recognized for doing so.

Here are the photos for you!