Thanks for your feedback: ENERGETIX’s on-line questionnaire about the Collection Premiere 2016

An invitation went out again this year to all ENERGETIX business partners – whether they were at the Collection Premiere in Berlin or not – to take part in the survey about the event. That’s because ENERGETIX cares about all its business partners’ wishes and suggestions.


Three attractive jewellery sets from the collection will be given given away to winners drawn from all participants. The lucky winners are:

Alexandra Kirchner (DE)

Elisabeth Oelgray (DE)

Alicia Verkaart (NL)

Many thanks to all who took part and we hope the winners really enjoy their new jewellery sets!

BE A STAR – the STARCLUB get-together in Berlin: many countries, one team!

Berlin. With glorious sunshine and warm summer temperatures, the international STARCLUB members already started their exciting Collection Premiere weekend on Thursday, 25 August, to get together as a group and get in the mood for the upcoming presentation of the new collection!

After a convivial lunch snack in the summer gardens of the Estrel Hotel and a welcome speech by management, things got serious: Jessica Schlick, a member of the management team, introduced all of the new STARCLUB members and interviewed these lucky Stars about their success. 160907_bildleiste_1_low_dg

Exclusive sneak preview
Before CIO/COO Alexander Link introduced the newest developments from the area of IT,
the relaxation mask MagnetRelax was presented to the Stars before the official launch. All of the participants immediately and enthusiastically tried out this new ENERGETIX innovation with seven strong neodymium magnets!


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ENERGETIX’s Collection Premiere 2016 in Berlin: Summer, sun, magnetic jewellery … and lots of team spirit!

Business partners, licence partners and friends: more than 1,000 participants from all around the world were welcomed in Berlin by glorious sunshine and summer temperatures. The international guests – they had travelled from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Morocco, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, South Africa, Turkey and the USA – were the first to see and experience ENERGETIX’s new collection of magnetic jewellery and the corresponding catalogue for 2017!

Barbara Schoeneberger_klein001_da


Top host: La Schöneberger was a blast
Barbara Schöneberger, Germany’s most popular broadcaster, took to the stage at the Estrel and accompanied the audience through the day with her usual charm and easy-going style. She first asked Roland Förster, ENERGETIX’s Sole Shareholder and CEO, to join her on stage.

Intensive welcome speech: Roland Förster informed and motivated
To set the mood, Roland Förster reviewed the company’s positive developments over recent years and gave special mention to positive international examples. But because success does not happen by itself, Roland Förster also drew attention to how important it is in ENERGETIX’s daily business to always have an open ear and to always be a helper and mentor. Because, he said, that’s when success happens!

Rede RF_15_mh

This means that the most valuable thing that we have to give is our time. So – in conjunction with the many marketing and IT aids, unique products and the business partners’ enthusiasm – nothing can stand in the way of a successful and fulfilling career with ENERGETIX.

Excitedly awaited: the Premiere of the new collection
Supported by professional dancers, Marcella Ferretti and Andreas Zwierlein, jewellery designers in Bingen, presented the highlights of the new collection. Three trend categories will be generating additional business momentum in 2017: Exotic Spirit, Urban Nostalgia and Creative Silence. Particularly ‘Solid’, the chronograph style watches, the new MagnetRelax relaxation mask for wellness business and the new sportEX bracelets, available from January, were particularly well received by the audience.


Also there: Joey Kelly, endurance specialist and enthusiastic sportEX fan
None other than Joey Kelly, the sportEX representative, was asked to introduce the new developments for the sportEX best-seller. The new silicone bracelet will be available from January in a revamped lively two-colour design: four attractive colour combinations each with 2,000 gauss. “I’m so happy to wear these bracelets!”


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Exclusive for ENERGETIX newcomers: the training trip to Bingen am Rhein

The qualifiers in the new category were warmly invited in June to spend two days in and around Bingen, where ENERGETIX has its headquarters.



International meeting: a good 50 new business partners from Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands took the opportunity to spend a fantastic sunny time with like-minded people while getting to know each other, swapping notes and ‘peaking behind the scenes’ at ENERGETIX.


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Volcanic rock and deep blue sea: the training trip to Lanzarote

DSCN0715The second-category qualifiers travelled to the most northerly of the seven large Canary Islands – to Lanzarote – under the motto of “Landscapes and Passion”! From 7 to 10 June, the 32 participants were able to discover the many facets of the popular holiday island in the Atlantic Ocean. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Absolutely unique
In 1993, Lanzarote was the first entire island to be declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO. The sparse beauty is due to the volcanic origins and the fact that the island is the driest of all the Canary Islands. Due to its special geological and geological conditions, a very special method of growing wine on lapilli (volcanic ash, which is also called Picón) has developed. The group was able to enjoy the fruits of this tradition at a wine-tasting in La Geria.

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ENERGETIX: Another strong group of runners join Joey Kelly at the starting line for a good cause in 2016!

The starting gun for the eagerly awaited half marathon in Mainz was fired on 22 May! And, this year again, the Bingen-based network marketing company fielded a remarkably large group for the event: more than 70 ENERGETIX business partners along with staff and friends came together in brilliant sunshine and summer temperatures to run for a good cause.

Joey Kelly gave his all again!
It was great that he was there again: Joey Kelly! This likeable extreme sports personality joined the run once more with the aim of fulfilling his promise of ‘accompanying everyone across the finishing line’ and spurring on his colleagues in the ENERGETIX team to achieve their personal bests.


Mainz_03When endurance sport meets charity
As in previous years, the ENERGETIX running team decided again in 2016 to run for a good cause – more specifically: for the Hugo Tempelman Foundation. The network marketing company in Bingen donated two euros for every kilometre run by a team member. The management then generously rounded the total up so that an amazing 6,500 euros came together for medical and social aid projects in Elandsdoorn / South Africa. The foundation initiators, Hugo and Liesje Tempelman, who were visiting from South Africa, were very pleased with the effort as well as with the fact that ENERGETIX has been helping them so consistently in their fight against HIV and supporting them in this way.


Andreas Räwel and Andreas Kasulke, both ENERGETIX business partners, demonstrated particular commitment by completing the half marathon with flying colours and then donating another 1,000 euros to the good cause with the help of their team. Mainz_05

We’ve put together the most emotional moments of the event for you in an on-line photo album Enjoy!

To note in your diary: the next Gutenberg Marathon will be taking place on 7 May 2017.

Experiencing with all the senses: the STARCLUB meeting in Mainz / Wiesbaden at the end of May

STARCLUB members from the United Kingdom, France, Germany and the Netherlands travelled to Mainz with great anticipation on 20 May to enjoy two enriching days together during which all their senses were put to the test.

Following the warm welcome by Roland Förster, ENERGETIX’s sole Shareholder and CEO, and a joint lunch, the first day was dominated by a trip to Schloss Freudenberg in Wiesbaden, where the participants enjoyed an ‘experience that would help them sharpen their senses’. This was where the international group was able to consciously explore their own perceptions and to re-evaluate their thinking by using all their senses. Following a very special guided tour into sound and an aperitif in the castle’s own dark bar, the eventful day was brought to a close with a BBQ and lively Party.

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When millennia old traditions meet colour and lively fiestas: the training trip to Mexico

DSC01584Under the heading of Landscapes and Passion, the first-category qualifiers for the training-trip competition travelled to Mexico for nine days on 29 April!

Besides the exploration of Mexico City – with around 22 million residents, one of the largest cities in the world – another highlight of the trip was an outing in a hot-air balloon during which the participants were able to enjoy the breaking dawn from airy heights and take in the impressive sun and moon pyramid located in the pre-Aztec city ruins of Teotihuacán from above. And those who couldn’t get enough were later even able to climb the pyramids and enjoy the fantastic views across the designated UNESCO World Heritage site of the Avenue of the Dead. The participants will probably never forget these unique impressions!


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Well-being made easy! ENERGETIX business partners stage massage workshop in Bingen

The air was filled with the fragrance of mandarin oil and massage tables had been set up in the training rooms: Jeannette Bal-van Schijndel from the Netherlands and Caroline Rijsdijk from Belgium, both professional masseurs, along with Michael Hengstermann and Claudia Skramec from Germany invited partners to take part in a two-day massage workshop at ENERGETIX’s company headquarters!


Caroline Rijsdijk and Jeannette Bal-van Schijndel

Twenty-two participants from all over Germany who were all eager for knowledge accepted the invitation by the organization team to discover the art of massage with ENERGETIX’s nicely shaped MagnetMassage tool on 2 and 3 May!

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Intensive business-partner training weekend on the Baltic coast – including a generous donation

There’s always a rush when independent ENERGETIX business partners, Karin and Klaus Becker, and their organisation team send out invitations to their ‘Baltic Training’, which is famed beyond their region. As was the case again in Quern on the banks of Flensburg Firth from 11 to 13 March 2016.

Ostseetraining Beckers 2016

The event, which was staged under the heading, “The power to learn from each other – together we’re strong!”, included workshops, experience reports and countless tried-and-tested practical tips for business with ENERGETIX. This weekend focused on the aspects of “creativity and variety’. The training participants were also pleased to receive a surprise visit from Jessica Schlick, who is a member of the management at ENERGETIX.


The couple’s team was again extremely generous this year as they were able to donate a generous 1,300 euros to Dirk Baumann, who manages the SOS Children’s Village in Lütjenburg / Schleswig-Holstein. Thank you for this remarkable dedication to children!