Strong cultures: Kenya, day 2, Nairobi — Lake Naivasha


„It’s not easy to sum up the impres­sions of a day like today! 4 win­ners of this incred­i­ble trip have made the attempt below.

In short: we’re in Africa!

Dear dis­trib­u­tors, it’s some­thing you real­ly have to expe­ri­ence, see­ing big game at close quar­ters – and just for once I don’t mean Roland Förster! Take a look at the pic­tures.

Enjoy them and get enthu­si­as­tic! I per­son­al­ly hope you will soon be tak­ing part, too. Yes you can!

Klaus-Peter Thiel“



Eri­ka Ulrich, Switzer­land and Ulrike Lem­mel, Ger­many: „Es ist der 2. Tag, wir starten aus Nairo­bi. Jet­zt endlich fahren wir mit 6 Jeeps in die Wild­nis! Hur­ra. Angekom­men in der Nairo­bi Lodge mit einem atem­ber­aubend schö­nen Park! Die Lodge befind­et sich in der Wild­nis, die Tiere laufen neben unserem Sitz­platz umher. Die Giraf­fen­fam­i­lie kon­nten wir mit 3 Jun­gen haut­nah erleben! Read more

Strong cultures: Kenya, day 1, Nairobi

„Hel­lo dis­trib­u­tors, this is Kenya call­ing!

We’re report­ing from the country’s cap­i­tal, Nairo­bi, to tell you about the first day of the ENERGETIX trip for the prize-win­ners in the Strong Cul­tures Com­pe­ti­tion. Tired and weary from the 10-hour flight via Abu Dhabi but hap­py and in high spir­its. The dis­trib­u­tors have used the time to talk shop with one anoth­er and to con­vince the oth­er pas­sen­gers about our jew­ellery – as always, no oppor­tu­ni­ty is spared.


We haven’t all arrived yet. One plane arrived in Frank­furt so late that 3 qual­i­fiers had to take the next flight and are still on their way, but Sjaak Janssen will tell you about that lat­er.

What can I say? There’s a real­ly great atmos­phere, which reached a crescen­do when we were joined by 6 qual­i­fiers from our Puer­to Rican license holder’s team who have been here since yes­ter­day. If you know them, you’ll know what I mean!

One high­light was the lunch we had in a lodge, with at least 10 kinds of meat from the spit, siz­zled over a gigan­tic open fire. Roland Förster offi­cial­ly wel­comed every­one once again. Here on the Equa­tor, the day draws to a close very slow­ly. Inci­den­tal­ly it is cold­er here than in Europe — after all, it’s win­ter.

130619_BL_Reisebericht_jg Con­tin­ue read­ing

The bags are packed, the anticipation is high


The count­down has begun: on Mon­day the Kenya adven­ture begins! We are eager­ly look­ing for­ward to hear­ing what our inter­na­tion­al dis­trib­u­tors expe­ri­ence. Each day (from 17 – 25 June) they will be report­ing authen­ti­cal­ly, in their own par­tic­u­lar lan­guage, on what they see and feel – here on FROGBLOG.

Pleasant anticipation of the trip to Africa: “I’m thrilled about it.”

„This trip is a dream come true — I have been dream­ing about vis­it­ing Africa for a long , long time — and to do it with like mind­ed peo­ple is prob­a­bly the best part of it for me. To have the abil­i­ty to talk to oth­er dis­trib­u­tors from around the world about how they do it will be an hon­our and will grow my busi­ness when I get back.“ (Lor­na Howe, Great Britain, 13.06.2013)

« Dans quelques jours, ça y est, c’est le départ pour ENCORE un mag­nifique voy­age Ener­getix, cette fois, des­ti­na­tion le Kenya ! Les valis­es n’attendent plus que d’être bouclées ! Ces voy­ages sont non seule­ment très enrichissants à titre privé, car ce sont tou­jours des activ­ités exclu­sives qui nous sont offertes, mais aus­si à titre pro­fes­sion­nel; beau­coup d’échanges entre dis­trib­u­teurs et avec les mem­bres de la direc­tion. Ce sont des moments… priv­ilégiés ! Un grand mer­ci ! » (Renée Piguet, Switzer­land, 13.06.2013)

Maasai men about to perform a traditional dance

„Nog 4 dagen voor begin van de reis naar Kenia. De kof­fers zijn al ingepakt, de verwachtin­gen erg hoog. Dit­maal reis ik samen met Mar­greth en ik ben vooral benieuwd hoe zij het gaat vin­den. Ik weet van mijn vorige reis naar Afri­ka, ook met Ener­getix, dat het fan­tastisch wordt. En de laat­ste reis van Mar­greth, naar Viet­nam, is nog bij­na dagelijks onder­w­erp van gesprek. Nu dan samen, met fan­tastis­che collega’s, onbeschri­jfe­lijk, over­weldigend, een wereldse ervar­ing. Kenia, here we come!“ (Sjaak Janssen, the Nether­lands, 13.06.2013)

„Ich freue mich unglaublich auf die wun­der­bare Kenia Reise. Weil ich schon viele große Reisen mit Ener­getix gemacht haben, weiß ich, dass es wieder ein sen­sa­tionelles unvergesslich­es Erleb­nis wird!! Dies­mal aber freue ich mich ganz beson­ders, weil das erste Mal eine Ver­trieb­spart­ner­in, die Mar­i­on Kutz, aus meinem Team mit dabei ist. Ich freue mich riesig!!“ (Sil­via Leuschn­er, Ger­many, 13.06.2013)

Artist Ilona Arndt visits ENERGETIX: charity brings people together

At the end of May, Hanover artist Ilona Arndt accept­ed the invi­ta­tion of sole share­hold­er and CEO Roland Förster and vis­it­ed ENERGETIX in Bin­gen am Rhein. Both the artist and ENERGETIX had tak­en part in the char­i­ty event „BMW Art Advent Cal­en­dar “ in 2012 – in a joint ini­tia­tive.


Artist Ilona Arndt presents her work „Affec­tion II“ in Frank­furt on 15 Decem­ber 2012, togeth­er with ENERGETIX sole share­hold­er and CEO Roland Förster


Artost Ilona Arndt with mod­el Franziska Knuppe

Both the artist and ENERGETIX had tak­en part in the char­i­ty event „BMW Art Advent Cal­en­dar “ in 2012 – in a joint ini­tia­tive. As a result, ENERGETIX had pur­chased a work of art paint­ed by Ilona Arndt. The pro­ceeds went to „Artists for Kids“, a cre­ative youth wel­fare project (as already report­ed in FROGBLOG). So the artist once again met up with ENERGETIX team and of course with her large for­mat paint­ing, now on dis­play in the company’s Bin­gen head­quar­ters.

Mod­el Franziska Knuppe, whom ENERGETIX dis­trib­u­tors can look for­ward to see­ing at the Cat­a­logue Launch in Berlin, also took part in this char­i­ty ini­tia­tive — as celebri­ty backer.

Übri­gens nahm auch das Mod­el Franziska Knuppe, auf das sich ENERGETIX Ver­trieb­spart­ner beim Kat­a­loglaunch in Berlin freuen dür­fen, als promi­nente Patin an dieser gemein­nützi­gen Char­i­ty-Aktion teil.


Joey Kelly on ZDF Television — After his extreme fasting, Markus Lanz asks: „Why does he do that to himself?“

Joey Kel­ly con­tin­ues his jour­ney through the media and talks about his lat­est feat, a „hard­core“ fast last­ing over three weeks.

On the 29 May edi­tion of the Markus Lanz Show, Joey Kel­ly described the rea­sons behind his 23-day fast and how he coped with this long absti­nence from food (under med­ical super­vi­sion). He was one of an illus­tri­ous group of guests that includ­ed radio and TV pre­sen­ter Peter Ill­mann and actress Ingrid van Bergen.

You can find more pho­tos of Joey Kel­ly and infor­ma­tion about his par­tic­i­pa­tion in the Mainz Half Marathon as a mem­ber of the ENERGETIX team (dur­ing his peri­od of extreme fast­ing) here on FROGBLOG.


NB: Joey Kel­ly also appeared on the ZDF pro­gramme Fernse­hgarten of 2 June (in con­nec­tion with a triathlon com­pe­ti­tion). He wore sportEX bracelets on both occa­sions.

High earnings at fairs and markets: Interview with Ulrike Lemmel and Hans-Joachim Stolz

They’ve used their motorhome right from the start. This impres­sive vehi­cle has room for four peo­ple, so Ulrike Lem­mel and Hans-Joachim Stolz (who have been work­ing as ENERGETIX dis­trib­u­tors since Novem­ber 2002) like to take two or three of their new recruits along with them to events, which often last sev­er­al days, accom­mo­dat­ing them in the motorhome.


Learn­ing by doing
The tak­ings are divid­ed up fair­ly. And the new­com­ers inci­den­tal­ly pick up a lot of prac­ti­cal tips from the cou­ple, who have over ten years‘ expe­ri­ence in sell­ing at fairs and mar­kets. Help­ing oth­ers is the basis of their own suc­cess – they have obtained new busi­ness part­ners and firm par­ty book­ings this way.

In their opin­ion, ENERGETIX Bin­gen pro­vides a great busi­ness mod­el for inde­pen­dent dis­trib­u­tors and makes things very easy for its dis­trib­u­tors: „Any­one can do it“. And what if things some­times don’t run smooth­ly? Ulrike and Hans-Joachim then ask them­selves, „What can I change in myself to be suc­cess­ful?“ „We too have had to fight our way. We too have highs and not-so-highs,“ declares the suc­cess­ful cou­ple with a wry smile. „Nev­er give up!“ is their tried and test­ed mot­to. „No oth­er com­pa­ny mar­kets its prod­ucts the way ENERGETIX does. The com­pa­ny is so gen­er­ous, it makes things so easy. With ENERGETIX, I’ve real­ly hit the jack­pot,“ says Ulrike.

Con­cen­trat­ing one’s ener­gy
Only if dis­trib­u­tors devote their undi­vid­ed ener­gy to the job can long-term suc­cess be assured. „Of course the stand must look attrac­tive, too!“


Suc­cess comes, they both agree, if you are active, if the enthu­si­asm is appar­ent and if the dis­trib­u­tors enjoy work­ing with peo­ple. Hav­ing some­thing hap­pen­ing at your stand also always helps. The cou­ple sees this as a real oppor­tu­ni­ty, because with ENERGETIX Bin­gen „you can run the busi­ness the way you want.“