Magnificent! The Collection Premiere 2018 in Wiesbaden

ENERGETIX and its business partners have been developing continuously for 16 years. The Collection Premiere in Wiesbaden was the place to experience the latest highlights in this success story in the field of international network marketing: a modern and creative new collection of jewellery, a top-class motivational event and enthusiastic business partners all around. 

Sole Shareholder and CEO Roland Förster opened the event in the usual manner and was happy to see more visitors at the event than in the previous year. He – and TV presenter Jörg Pilawa – welcomed the guests to the Collection Premiere who had travelled there from 20 countries.

The important standing that newcomers enjoy at the network-marketing company was already apparent from the fact that they were the first business partners to be invited on to the stage.

The newcomers were immediately able to experience at first-hand that the business idea for magnetic jewellery is geared towards a long and successful professional life: the section of the programme that followed celebrated those business partners who have already been with the company for 10 years and whose continued presence constitutes an example for everyone, especially for those new to the activity.

Jewellery show

The jewellery collection is the foundation for all the success that ENERGETIX enjoys. It has also developed from year to year – always on the wave of current fashion and design trends.



And the 2019 collection was the absolute focus of the day again this year. The accompanying show was unique: multimedia, dance and catwalk – a stirring experience that culminated in the presentation of the new catalogue.


Here’s a look behind the scenes of the photo shoot.

Still bathing in the glow of the show, the guests immersed themselves in six creatively staged Worlds of Jewellery – presented in line with the motto of the event: ‘Get in touch!’ Close up to the jewellery: see, touch, try.



The lunch break was followed by vibrant theory: Management Member Jessica Schlick played host to the best in PSV and in team-building who talked about ‘experiences from the real world for the real world’. The audience listened very attentively to the valuable tips that were presented.


The expert for the day was Michael Strachowitz. The consummate network-marketer shared his 40 years of experience with the event’s participants and talked about his approach to team-building without limits.



Managing Director Alexander Link presented a wide range of information from the IT department to the audience. He talked about the success that the additional support to business partners was enjoying, e.g. ‘Boost your Business’, and about the professionalization of party management with the help of the MMS. He also introduced a new webshop, which received a great response from the audience.

Alexander Link also launched the new competition, which was also warmly welcomed and greeted, as always, with spontaneous outbreaks of approval. A murmur of ‘I want to go there’ went through the hall as South Africa and Marrakesh were revealed as destinations, precisely the motivational effect that the competitions are designed to achieve over the next few months of the qualification period.


The day was concluded with the celebratory gala evening, which at the same time provided the appropriate setting to celebrate the STARCLUB. These ENERGETIX stars had already arrived on Thursday to take part in the STARCLUB event.


The One Year STARCLUB and the current STARCLUB were appropriately celebrated in front of the Collection Premiere’s large audience at the gala for their outstanding achievements.



Moving moments during the section reserved for the representatives of the Hugo Tempelman Foundation – which was also celebrating 10 years of partnering with ENERGETIX. Dr Hugo Tempelman talked about the progress and current developments of his admirable work in South Africa. A very touching film showed how important ENERGETIX’s donations are to this charity partner of long standing. This year’s cheque for € 50,000 brought donations from ENERGETIX up to an overall total of € 1.5 million.

The Kelly Family’s performance was absolutely sensational. Their sell-out tour was unbelievable. And now the exclusive concert for ENERGETIX business partners only! The atmosphere in the hall was indescribable but the pictures say enough about this brilliant highlight of the evening. People then danced and enjoyed the party atmosphere at the new Congress Center in Wiesbaden until the early hours of the morning.

Boat trip

The harmonious get-together during a boat trip along the River Rhine on the Sunday represented another ideal opportunity for business partners to swap notes with each other and the management. The atmosphere was uniquely warm here as well.


The perfect end to a top-notch motivational event with all-round enthusiastic business partners!

 More impressions of the event are available here:

Photos: The day / Gala / Boat trip


The STARCLUB meeting ahead of the Collection Premiere 2018

Focus on harmony and teamwork

The current STARCLUB already met for the motivation and team event in Wiesbaden on the Thursday in advance of the Collection Premiere. The focus was on harmony and mutual support. It was the international character of the exclusive group in particular that turned the meeting into an excellent opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and strategies.

Team spirit was also put to a very special test at the event as during a dragon boat racethe participants were able to experience at first hand what effect good teamwork has on success. The small regatta was lots of fun for all and produced the required desire to win along with the important realization that it’s only possible to achieve progress when people work together harmoniously and take care of each other – right in line with the motto of ‘leading by example and following the lead’.

The stars were awarded their well-deserved recognition over the course of the evening in the boathouse of the Schierstein Rowing Club that presented a wonderful view of the Rhine. That was also when all the new members received moving praise and recognition by mentors and partners alike. All STARCLUB members were then presented with exceptional items of jewellery from the new collection as a special thank you. Sole Shareholder and CEO Roland Förster subsequently provided an overview of the latest developments at the company.

The evening was rounded off by a delicious meal and atmospheric music, which, as at so many events, prompted the participants to get up on the dance floor. A successful event with lots of fun and an effective exchange of experiences.

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‘Priceless’: The newcomer event within the framework of the ‘Happy Future’ and ‘TIME for SUCCESS’ competitions

“I’m so pleased to have been there!” “It has expanded my awareness of our business in my heart.”  “Exchange among colleagues who have become friends – PRICELESS!”

The feedback from the 40 participants at the newcomer event that took place in Bingen on 21 and 22 June could not have been more positive and heartfelt. The newcomers had travelled from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands to pass on their special and valuable experience to the international group with great commitment.Six STARCLUB members also travelled to Bingen to be at the event – an invaluable contribution to the exchange of experiences with the newcomers. There’s hardly a better way to learn as a newcomer than to learn from the best. The event was naturally once again centred around exchange with the management. Roland Förster and Jessica Schlick attended to their guests in person and shared the latest information about the company.

The perfect atmosphere was, of course, also expressed in the accompanying programme and the social part of the event. The ‘Rund um den Niederwald‘ (‘Around the Niederwald’) team-experience day on Friday had the participants beaming – as had the party the day before. “It’s not about the fantastic food we enjoyed, the fun dance in the evening and the great day out – everyone who has experienced all this will know that it will be hard to beat – it’s actually about being able to enjoy these great events and continuing to have quality time in the future, too. That’s why we always need more people to take part. Let’s bring the enthusiasm for our business to the world through building our teams,” said a motivated business partner in her spontaneous response on Facebook.

There’s actually no more to be said – with the exception of Roland Förster’s reference to ‘the next great event’, the Collection Premiere in Wiesbaden on September 1 – combined with a warm invitation that was not only extended to the enthusiastic newcomers.

More photos are to be found on Flickr.

ENERGETIX in the Kingdom of Happiness

Bhutan welcomes first-category qualifiers with the greatest of warmth 

It was probably the most emotional training trip that ENERGETIX has ever arranged for its top business partners in a competition. Deeply impressed, the participants describe their experiences. They experienced what it means when a country actively promotes ‘gross national happiness’. This happiness radiated from the sparkling eyes of every resident of Bhutan.

The country’s former education minister said that it was a world first that a company had organised a training trip to Bhutan. The minister helped our business partners to see and understand what it means to place the people themselves at the centre of all decisions. All projects revolve around the happiness of individuals – a focus that in Bhutan has delivered astonishing results.

Buddhism is the spiritual basis for this strategy of happiness, which was apparent in all its warmth in our personal encounters with monks and nuns in their monasteries and abbeys. A trip to the largest Buddha statue was arranged – as was an outing to the Dzong-style Monastery of Punakha, the most important sacred site in Buddhism.

The business partners were able to experience that geniality and warmth also characterise personal interaction at the home of a farming family.  The residents prepared dishes typical of the country for the visitors and offered an insight into the very special world of the spices and plants that are to be found there.

Yes, the ascent was difficult – first on horseback and then on foot – but the guides’ attention and warmth made the effort seem small.  And so everyone made their way to the country’s landmark, the famous Tiger’s Nest. This is a monastery that incredibly holds on to steep rocks and provides an insight to architecture that is unique in the world and that presents indescribable views. Undoubtedly the highlight of a trip to a country where the philosophy of the state has much in common with ENERGETIX’s own vision. Namely, the goal of providing people with the opportunity of a fulfilled life in a profession that’s fun and enjoyable – something that could have come straight from Bhutan’s principles.

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Gutenberg Marathon on 6 May – a unique experience!

ENERGETIX once again fielded the largest group of athletes at this year’s half marathon in Mainz. It was a true celebration for the runners in the company shirts in blue – which matched the bright blue sky.

And it was much more than just a run: the entire management was present, several members of the STARCLUB, ENERGETIX employees – all in the ‘goose-pimple’ atmosphere of a sporting event at which several thousand participants let themselves be carried across the finishing line by the spectator’s thunderous applause and the powerful music from the loudspeakers. It’s something you need to have experienced for yourself!

EXERGETIX’s runners also enjoyed additional support: extreme sports personality Joey Kelly had also donned the blue ENERGETIX shirt to again keep to his promise that he would to help every team member across the finishing line. To be accompanied across the line by this charismatic person after 21 km: pure emotion!

CEO and Sole Shareholder Roland Förster took the opportunity that an interview on the SWR stage presented to explain what made ENERGETIX’s presence at the Mainz Marathon so special: for every kilometre run, the company donates two euros to its charity partner, the Hugo Tempelman Foundation. So Roland Förster was able to hand over the rounded-up figure of 5,000 euros to Liesje Tempelman, the wife of the charity’s founder, who – along with her sons – had also joined the runners.

Living at and with ENERGETIX brings many warm and moving moments – and everyone is able to enjoy a whole range of them at the Gutenberg Marathon. That’s why ‘See you next year’ is simply the natural way of saying goodbye at the end of this event. And, as mentioned above, it’s something that you have to experience first hand – whether as a fast or slow runner or as a spectator on the sidelines. So make a note of the next run and join us for a unique experience in 2019 – the 20th Gutenberg Marathon.

Here are the photos for you!

ENERGETIX in the Paris of the East: Bucharest – and through Transylvania

In April, winners of ENERGETIX’s HAPPY FUTURE competition from the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland took part in a training trip to Transylvania and experienced impressive landscapes, medieval cities and legendary castles.

It all started with the departure on 19 April 2018 from Frankfurt to Bucharest, the capital of Romania, also known for its magnificent boulevards and impressive buildings as the Paris of the East. The participants were able to explore the old town on a guided walk. Many traditional pubs, cafés and bars line the narrow alleyways. The first evening was concluded in a very atmospheric setting – at the ‘Caru’ cu Bere’, the city’s most famous restaurant, which – with its two-storey vault and colourful glass windows – is more reminiscent of a cathedral than a restaurant.

Endless expanses and forests
The next morning commenced for ENERGETIX’s business partners with a programme of contrasts: the group left Bucharest to travel through the unspoilt nature of the Transylvanian Carpathians to Sinaia, a small mountain resort in the Prahova Valley. Peleș Castle, King Carol’s former summer residence, is situated near here. King Carol, who was born a prince of Hohenzollern and who was later crowned King of Romania, built one of the most modern castles in Europe in the second half of the 19th century – with lots of light and an indoor lift – and so took a piece of his home with him to Romania.

The trip continued on to Brașov, one of the largest cities in Transylvania, where the group stopped off at the traditional Rhein Vineyard in Azuga – a former supplier to the court. This is where Romania’s oldest sparkling wine that is made using the champagne method is produced. The tasting also helped our business partners get into a proper sparkling mood before they set off again towards the south east.

A small challenge awaited the group in Brașov: it was divided into four teams, which were tasked with finding the city’s sights, speaking to local residents and buying small souvenirs. Everyone rose to the challenge and were so later rewarded with chocolate medals at dinner.

Fabled and full of mystery: Bran Castle
The next day started with a trip to the countryside where ENERGETIX’s team was given a warm welcome by a local family and treated to typical local specialities from the family’s own gardens. Lunch in a small vineyard built up the group’s strength for a special highlight of the trip: Bran Castle, where, according to legend, the famous vampire Count Dracula is said to have struck terror into people’s hearts. The formidable castle, built on steep cliffs at the old border between Transylvania and Wallachia, attracts many tourists and vampire fans from all over the world.

The final farewell meal gave the participants the opportunity to swap notes with other partners both about the eerily beautiful travel impressions and business matters in a relaxed atmosphere before their return to Frankfurt the next morning.
Perhaps you’ll be joining us on our next trip? ENERGETIX expresses its gratitude towards its successful business partners with extraordinary trips around the world.

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The perfect meeting: STARCLUB in Oestrich-Winkel on 4 and 5 May

The weather was representative of the atmosphere to be experienced at the latest STARCLUB meeting: perfect and clear! Add to that a hotel full of charm with a fantastic view of the Rhine Valley – the members who had travelled from Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland and Germany were not only very satisfied with this atmosphere, they were also very happy with the management’s presentations. Roland Förster, Jessica Schlick and Alexander Link shared insights into the company’s recent developments while providing an outlook for its future and thus kicked off a lively exchange with business partners.

There were moving moments when the new STARCLUB members were welcomed. It became clear that being awarded the company’s highest distinction for the first time is something very special and creates highest levels of motivation in all those who receive the honours.

The next day saw the group explore the beautiful Rheingau region on Segways. The initial respect for the vehicle quickly gave way to enthusiastic smiles on the participants’ faces. A small rally was lots of fun whereby the weather contributed considerably. 

A very successful meeting!

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STARCLUB meeting in the Netherlands – ENERGETIX fittingly celebrates its most successful business partners in Maastricht!

The many successful business partners not only from the Netherlands were very happy: the year’s first STARCLUB meeting was staged at the end of February in Maastricht! Around 60 of ENERGETIX’s most successful business partners had travelled from the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland to the beautiful university town in the south-east of the Netherlands.The afternoon of the first day was devoted to an informative and intensive exchange session with ENERGETIX’s management that was dedicated to strategic and future issues. The participants actively contributed to the session with many constructive suggestions and good proposals that drew on their wealth of experience!

New promotions and measures to support newcomers were praised by those present. All STARCLUB members were also particularly able to benefit from the valuable tips on how to successfully build up teams! Whether long-standing STARCLUB members or newcomers: it goes without saying that one of the most important items on this meeting’s agenda was the recognition of STARCLUB members.

Click here for our Flickr photo selection of this great two-day event.

The atmospheric evening event that followed was held in an impressive historic wine cellar – Thiessen Wijnkoopers, the oldest wine tavern in the Netherlands. This was when the emotional recognition of STARCLUB members took place!

The participants were able to enjoy a stroll through the charming old town of Maastricht the next day. The tour included the tasting of all kinds of regional delicacies and trips to the historical sights – and also gave participants the opportunity to exchange experiences. 

“Making a habit of success!” Motivational boost to kick off the year in the Netherlands

Leaving your own comfort zone, setting yourself new goals, steadily tackling them with a step-by-step approach and then achieving them! Sjaak Janssen showed the 60 participants how to do that at the meeting to kick off the year that was held in Tiel in the Netherlands on 27 January. The event also included a presentation that showed how our products mesh with the seven pillars of health. The presentations were perfectly complemented by Margreth Janssen’s workshop that was entitled, ‘Thinking creatively about ENERGETIX’s magnetic jewellery.’ Every individual piece of jewellery is associated with starting points that partners can draw on using their own creativity to find arguments that will inspire customers.CIO Alexander Link welcomed the many participants from the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland on behalf of ENERGETIX and introduced them to this year’s motto, which is: ‘Your time is NOW!’. The 10 newcomers among the guests who are just starting their time with ENERGETIX were particularly interested in the presentations. That ENERGETIX can deliver total success was again demonstrated by the awards for the STARCLUB members. Seven of the most successful business partners attended the event.Both newcomers and the old hands were shown how they could use the new SPRING / SUMMER collection and the new Show it! presentation system to launch themselves into the new year. The two received a great response in Tiel and were the subject of competent exchanges. The new competition represents a special incentive to make an intensive start. Alexander Link’s presentation of the training trip to St. Petersburg and the valuable rewards that are also on offer was enthusiastically applauded by the participants.There were only winners in the prize draw that then followed. Every ticket was rewarded with a nice non-cash or jewellery prize. The many emails received after the event show how well received it was, including one from, among others, Lotte Hulsink that said: “What a beautiful and pleasant day! I immediately felt at home as a newcomer. I learned a lot and met new colleagues. It’s fantastic that everybody supports each other with tips. It’s really something special. I can’t wait for the next training event!”Motivational boost to kick off the year in the Netherlands! The event definitely increased the desire to make a habit out of success.

Thank you to all the trainers, organizers and helpers who contributed to the making the event turn out so well!

Here are the photos for you!

Great atmosphere in Lyon: French-speaking ENERGETIX business partners kick off the year

They had travelled from all over France as well as Switzerland and Morocco to kick off the new – and 15th – ENERGETIX year together. A good 80 participants turned up for the event – even more than in 2017!

ENERGETIX’s CEO and Sole Shareholder Roland Förster took the motto of “Your Time is NOW!” to talk about the latest developments at the company and motivate his listeners to take every opportunity in 2018 to become even more successful. CMO Jessica Schlick and Event Manager Petra Schmeing travelled with him from Bingen to entertainingly present the new training-trip competition and create more emotional highlights on the day with the awards for newcomers, the best and the STARCLUB members.


Everyone was really excited about one item on the agenda: the SPRING/SUMMER Collection for 2018 – presented by Jessica Schlick! The thrilled participants grasped the opportunity to take a closer look at the new items of jewellery and try them on!

The likeable coach Christophe Thamri made a lasting impression with his presentation that focused on the subject of “Improving skills and adapting business to the 21st century” during which he also shared many practical tips for increasing success.

A typically French evening meal and an intensive exchange of experiences rounded off the event in Lyon.

We’re very grateful to Josette Desassis for her local assistance and Anke Hesse-Michaelis for her simultaneous interpretation!

Here are the photos for you!