2013 world champion David Schnabel, the most successful artistic cyclist of all time, wears sportEX

sportEX_DavidSchnabel_GP KarinChristMuch to the delight of David Schnabel, committed ENERGETIX distributor Karin Christ “sponsored” the artistic cycling athlete with two sportEX bracelets and a sportEX sports shirt (many thanks for the photo!).

With his eight World Championship titles, David Schnabel is the most successful artistic cyclist in the history of indoor cycling and holds the current world record for single artistic cycling.

More information about David Schnabel is also available at www.david-schnabel.de

Dedicated running training: Liesje Tempelman talks about her personal experiences

“When I registered for the Mainz Half Marathon, I had never run such a long distance in all my life! So I asked a few experienced friends and they all said, ‘Start off slowly’. And that’s exactly what Hugo and I did: we ran three times a week and increased our running very slowly. At first it was more walking than running. But we did a minute more each day and eventually it was more running than walking. After four weeks we had built up to four minutes running and one minute walking – we did this four times in succession, so 20 minutes in all. Then we ran a minute longer every week but kept the minute of walking in between. In the beginning it was hard but now I’m starting to enjoy it.

lizelle 018

At present we are on holiday in Mozambique and run every day on the beach. Sometimes the sand is very soft, which makes it more difficult for us. It’s even more of a challenge, too, because of the heat and the strong wind.

We now run between 45 minutes and an hour and put in a minute of walking from time to time to get our breath back. Thanks to the physical exertion, I feel in really great shape and I’m pleased that I’m gradually getting fitter. I feel full of energy and sleep better. In January I’ll be running 10 km for the first time. My goal is to take not much more than an hour. Hopefully that’s not too ambitious…

I hope we’ll see lots of ENERGETIX shirts in Mainz. It’ll be a great experience and should be great fun, too. Happy training!!” (Liesje Tempelman, Hugo Tempelman Foundation)