Joey Kelly breaks world record with ENERGETIX

Joey Kelly is a member of the Kelly Family and sportEX brand ambassador and – as an extreme sports personality – he never likes to miss out on a sporting challenge. So it was only natural that he also decided to take part in the telethon hosted by the RTL television channel in Germany, which is one of the biggest charity campaigns in German broadcasting.

This year’s challenge was the ‘24-hour Urban Run’. This meant running for 24 hours on a 375-metre long obstacle course. But he wasn’t alone: a total of 20 company teams joined him at the starting line as part of the world record attempt with the aim of helping children in need in Germany and the rest of the world with their donations. And because Joey Kelly and ENERGETIX belong together just as much as ENERGETIX and social commitment do, it was agreed that the Bingen-based network-marketing company would join in the activities again in 2018! Because social responsibility and team spirit are two of ENERGETIX’s absolute priorities. Besides participating in the RTL telethon (this year for the fourth time running!), ENERGETIX also fields a team every year to run for good causes in the Gutenberg Half Marathon in Mainz.

The starting gun was fired at 6.30 p.m. on 22 November when RTL’s telethon and the 24-hour challenge went live on air. The 25-strong ENERGETIX team joined Joey Kelly as well as Jessica Schlick and Alexander Link of the management to face the difficult challenge.

Equipped with the innovative and stylish sportEX bracelets and an ENERGETIX cap, Joey completed lap after lap for 24 hours without a break in the company of the other teams able and was in this way able to break the world record for the »longest team relay distance over an extreme obstacle course (24 hours, mixed)«!

Instead of the 2,000 kilometres on the obstacle course that was required for the ‘24-hour Urban Run’, a total of 3,435.8 kilometres was covered in 24 hours. Companies that donated 24,000 euros were able to secure their participation in advance – which in itself had raised almost half a million euros before the challenge even started! Viewers and celebrities were in this way able to raise a total of 8,604,481.00 euros through their many different activities during the 23rd RTL telethon with Wolfram Kons for children in need in Germany and across the world. ENERGETIX was able to contribute 70,000 euros to this grand total.

We’ve put together the most beautiful impressions from these unforgettable 24 hours for a good cause in a jam-packed on-line album for you. We hope you enjoy it!

ENERGETIX in the city of ‘White Nights’: St. Petersburg

The participants qualifying for the first category in ENERGETIX’s Time for Success competition set off for a four-day training trip to St. Petersburg in October. The city with its historic old town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Frankfurt on 23 October 2018 was the starting point for the trip to St. Petersburg – the second largest city in Russia – which is also known as the city of the ‘White Nights’. That’s because the sun never sets entirely during the period between the end of May and the middle of July so that it stays bright or dusky even at night. A nice evening meal accompanied by great expectations for the next few days brought the participants’ first evening to a pleasant conclusion.

Kaleidoscope of St. Petersburg

ENERGETIX’s business partners started the next day with a guided tour of the city, which actually began with a trip to a vodka museum. That’s where – besides viewing the museum’s exhibits – the participants were also given the opportunity to enjoy a vodka tasting. The tour then continued with a trip to one of the oldest cafés in the city where the travellers were able to try pyshki – which are a type of Russian doughnut that are usually enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea.

The afternoon saw the qualifiers visiting the famous Mariinsky Theatre’s ballet school where they were first able to watch the children warming up and then enjoy a 45-minute presentation. The theatre is one of the most famous venues for opera and ballet in the world and is also home to the oldest ballet academy in Russia.

The evening meal at the Repa restaurant opposite the theatre was followed by a performance of the ballet of ‘The Fountain of Bakhchisarai’ at the Mariinsky Theatre.

The next day kicked off with a tour of discovery that was entirely dedicated to Art Nouveau. Among other sights, this trip took in the so-called ‘Singer House’, which was formerly the permanent representation of The Singer Company, the sewing machine manufacturer from the USA. But everyone had to earn their own lunch: typical Russian food was prepared in a cooking studio with lots of fun and in a great atmosphere.

The participants were taken to the most impressive buildings in St. Petersburg on the last day of the trip: the Catherine Palace with the Amber Room and the Hermitage, one of the largest and most important art museums in the world.

This wonderful and impressive trip was concluded at the Luce restaurant in the evening, where the individual travellers were recognized for their great achievements and for qualifying for the first category in ENERGETIX’s Time for Success competition.

Besides the many cultural and culinary highlights, the strengthening of team spirit and the exchange of ideas also played important roles on this trip thus enabling the participants to return to their businesses full of energy and highly motivated!

We’ve put the most beautiful impressions from St. Petersburg together for you in an exclusive on-line photo album!