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2015 Half Marathon in Mainz – professional massages by business partners appreciated by our runners!

ENERGETIX business partners had again turned up at this year’s race to get our runners fit with professional massages both before and after the event! Jeannette Bal and Caroline Rijsdijk had travelled especially from the Netherlands and Belgium respectively to join in the fun and actively support the team!

Marathon_2015 (1)

Dutch duo: Jeannette Bal – ENERGETIX business partner and massage specialist – massaging Liesje Tempelman, co-founder of the Hugo Tempelman Foundation.

“We gave 23 runners massages. Six of them came to us before the run (including Liesje Tempelman) in the hope that a massage would help them get off to a better start. They told us after the event that they felt they were able to run better than they had expected. We also gave massages to runners after the race to help them regenerate more quickly in the period following their efforts.”

Jeannette Bal has attended the event since ENERGETIX first started taking part; it was the second time for Caroline Rijsdijk. The two massage professionals are already arranging their schedule for next year’s event and are hoping that other massage specialists will be joining them to help them get even more runners fit for the race with magnet massages.

Marathon_2015 (2)

Caroline Rijsdijk from Belgium relaxes the muscles of one of the runners in the large ENERGETIX team through the application of professional massage techniques.

“We really enjoy being a part of the Mainz-Marathon family and are happy to be able to contribute with the magnet massages. It’s also a brilliant feeling when somebody is really grateful for feeling much better when they get up from the massage table. We’ve got a great job.”

Hugo Tempelman Foundation

“Hugo and Liesje Tempelman attended the marathon for the first time last year and were excited about the efforts being undertaken for the children in Elandsdoorn. That’s why we spontaneously decided to donate one euro from each MagnetPebble we sold during our massage workshops. This year was the first time that we were able to make a donation to help arrange something nice for the children in the choir.”

Find out more about the work that the Hugo Tempelman Foundation does at