Joey, art and charity: Joey Kelly celebrity backer for the Art Advent Calendar 2013


Niko­lai Makarov

That there are many sides to Joey and that – besides his dar­ing sports under­tak­ings – he also likes to help char­i­ties is again fur­ther demon­strat­ed by his par­tic­i­pa­tion in this year’s „Art Advent Cal­en­dar“ char­i­ty project. This project aims to turn every day in Decem­ber into a spe­cial event in sup­port of the „fit-4-future“ project: with an artist, a backer and a busi­ness for each of the 24 days that lead up to Christ­mas. Joey Kel­ly is the celebri­ty backer for 9 Decem­ber. The artist of the day is the Russ­ian-born and Berlin-based Niko­lai Makarov and the day’s event is being spon­sored by Hochschwarzwald Card.

Joey Kel­ly vis­it­ed Niko­lai Makarov in his stu­dio before­hand. The artist is fas­ci­nat­ed by cock­roach­es and raced them for Joey on a spe­cial­ly built track. The win­ning cock­roach – named Pamir – was imme­di­ate­ly immor­tal­ized in a pic­ture that Joey Kel­ly also had a hand in cre­at­ing.



The duo’s pic­ture of „Pamir“, the win­ner of the cock­roach race. The artist, Niko­lai Makarov, also wears sportEX

SAJ_8582It goes with­out say­ing that Joey didn’t have any „reser­va­tions“ and didn’t mind let­ting an XXL cock­roach run up his arm.

The „win­dow“ on the giant Art Advent Cal­en­dar was opened on 9 Decem­ber; the „Gold­fisch“ work is being dis­played on the façades of Görtz (Ham­burg), Hirmer Her­ren­mod­en (Munich) and MyZeil (Frank­furt am Main) until Christ­mas.

You can watch the film that was broad­cast on the N24 chan­nel on 9 Decem­ber here.

By the way: after tak­ing part for the first time in 2012, ENERGETIX has also joined in again this year. ENERGETIX’s „win­dow“ is to be opened on 20 Decem­ber. FROGBLOG will be report­ing who the artist and who the celebri­ty backer are going be!

More infor­ma­tion about the project is avail­able at: