Background and a look behind the scenes: The new jewellery collection — interview: part V/V

Inter­view mit Janine Eisen­hauer, ver­ant­wortliche Schmuck­de­signer­in bei ENERGETIX Bin­gen


It looks almost as if the shoot­ing even brought the traf­fic in some parts of Man­hat­tan to a stand­still?

J. E.: No, of course not… we behaved and we stuck to the high­way code and wait­ed for the green lights at the pedes­tri­an cross­ings to take the pic­tures for this series. But then we did have to move quick­ly, which was great fun, and it was worth it to cap­ture the vibrant street life in these images.


What’s new in the Chevron cat­e­go­ry?

Cat­e­go­ry Chevron — page 111

J. E.: I think the ring with the Chevron motif is a high­light. It stands out because its top is open.I also par­tic­u­lar­ly like the pen­dant because at first glance it looks plain but it does pos­sess an unusu­al fea­ture: it can be worn in two dif­fer­ent direc­tions, for instance, with the arrow tip point­ing side­ways or, when the pen­dant is thread­ed in so that it is turned by 90°C, the arrow tip will point up or down.



Young Star — page 121

What’s the sto­ry behind SWAG?

J. E.: Well, it was obvi­ous that we should also cre­ate a few pieces for boys. And the word SWAG inspired us here. In Ger­many, it was Langenscheidt’s young people’s word of 2011. SWAG describes a spe­cif­ic atti­tude, and stands for a casu­al­ly cool vibe and charis­mat­ic aura.

The surf motifs are repeat­ed on both pieces: the pen­dant takes the shape of a surf­board and the bracelet pos­sess­es a stain­less-steel ele­ment with mag­nets bear­ing an engrav­ing of a wave and a surf­board. The bracelet beads are made from coconut wood.

Peo­ple attend­ing the launch were also able to admire a new set of jew­ellery for young women on Ivy Quain­oo, the singer who won the Ger­man ver­sion of TV’s „The Voice“.

J. E.: Yes, the set includes a bracelet made from wood­en beads that have been coloured blue: it is adorned by two tag ele­ments, a star motif and a small tag ele­ment pos­sess­ing inte­grat­ed mag­nets. This range comes with match­ing large but very light ear drop­pers and a pen­dant that may be com­bined with a fab­ric cord, a fine long chain or even with the clip loop.


Young Star — page 123

And new ani­mal motifs have been added for the very young ENERGETIX fans?

J. E.: Yes, the owls in a fresh colour com­bi­na­tion and with cute details real­ly do con­sti­tute a very pret­ty motif. The small slid­er for the children’s bracelets, which may be eas­i­ly com­bined with the longer slid­er ele­ments, is also new.

Leaf­ing through the cat­a­logue, you see pho­tos with unusu­al back­grounds, real­ly spe­cial city impres­sions…

J. E.: These stills were all tak­en by the pho­tog­ra­ph­er, Heiko Prigge, while we were on loca­tion in NYC. We just want­ed to find excit­ing places where we could take pho­tos for each cat­e­go­ry of jew­ellery. For instance, the mar­ble frieze at the Pub­lic Library, or a mud­guard on a motor­bike or graf­fi­ti that we real­ly saw there and that appeared to be just wait­ing for us: EX NYC.

Thank you very much for the inter­view Janine!