Menna Mulugeta to tour the USA … kindly supported by ENERGETIX Bingen

If you attended the two-day newcomer event at the beginning of July or the “Get-together” in Berlin on 1 September (the morning following the Catalogue Launch), you’ll already have experienced Menna Mulugeta’s singing at first hand. You will then perhaps also be familiar with the feelings and goose-pimples that many of her listeners experience?

Menna in Berlin 3

Menna Mulugeta, who released her first album “Free” in 2012, is famous for taking part in “The Voice of Germany” in 2012.

Menna always thrills her audiences with her performances. And ENERGETIX is supporting this young talent, who will be starting her tour in the USA with five shows, including performances in New York and Boston.

The tour dates and more information about the singer are available on her website.