Marrakesh – journey to another time, to another world

That you can end up in a completely different and fascinating world after what feels like a short-haul flight – that’s what the 22 participants of ENERGETIX’s training trip to Marrakesh experienced. The name alone conjures up exciting images of vibrant and oriental diversity that are then far surpassed by what can actually be experienced there.

The first day alone presented the full package: diving into the magical atmosphere of the Medina market place with jugglers, snake charmers and musicians along with an incredible selection of goods being hawked by hundreds of traders. All this fills the air with a unique sound, accompanied by the fantastic smell of oriental food – a feast for the senses.

A somewhat different rally was kicked off in the middle of this unique atmosphere with the aim of helping the travellers discover the history and culture of this magical place. Appropriately, the night was spent at the Riad Dar Justo, a stately villa at the heart of Marrakesh.


The following day was devoted to the aspect of valuable details that this city, which has been able to keep its traditions alive, presents. ENERGETIX’s business partners were particularly taken with the many small and open studios where tanners, blacksmiths and woodworkers – who are more artists than artisans – could be observed at their work. Another world, another time – still full of life today. A ‘tuk-tuk’ whisked the visitors down narrow alleys to a stylish restaurant in the evening.

The third day was dedicated to a trip to the Atlas mountains. This was where the participants discovered how complex the production of Morocco’s precious argan oil is on a trip to a cooperative where it is made.

A Berber family presented the secrets of making tea in the Agafag desert  – a true ceremony. A ride on the camel was, of course, a must on a little excursion into the desert.



The evening meal, which was served in a Berber tent, was a very special experience as it presented the unique setting to celebrate the winners of the Marrakesh rally as well as the birthday of Cécile Carbonel, the business partner from France.

The highlight of the fourth day was the trip to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and the Majorelle Garden that revealed that the fashion designer did not only excel with wonderful creations at his chosen profession.

This excursion into the Arabian world was brought to a close with an evening meal at the modern Jad Mahal Restaurant, where Andreas Förster, standing in for his father, awarded the certificates to the participating competition qualifiers. He emphasized how valuable the ENERGETIX training trips are, also from the point of view of personal exchanges and learning from each other.

The unforgettable impressions of this training trip to Marrakesh demonstrate once again that ENERGETIX’s sessions are great opportunities for business partners to motivate both themselves and their entire teams.

More impressions from this extraordinary journey are to be found on Flickr.