Kick-off day 2017: the Netherlands makes a lively and enthusiastic start to the new business year

The meeting to kick off the year for the business partners in the Netherlands took place in the old town of Tiel, in the east Netherlands, on 28 January. More than 80 people accepted the invitation sent out by Margreth Janssen, Cor Janssen and Wilma Sengers and looked forward to a very special day. Alexander Link (CIO / COO) and Joost van Wingerden of Customer Support also made the trip from Bingen to the event.

Lots of news and new jewellery items awaited the participants: Alexander Link talked about the new Facebook group and spoke positively about the new customer newsletter. The new SPRING / SUMMER 2017 collection was also well received. Participants were able to take a look – and, of course, try on – the new creations.

The response to another newly launched product was also very positive: Inja, the dietary supplement with turmeric, green tea and Q10, developed exclusively for ENERGETIX.

Besides the many important facts and background information that were presented about the new product, the event also provided the opportunity for participants to try Inja directly.

The changes to the competition, which now allows different rewards to be selected, the training by Helmy Kleinlugtenbeld that focused on ‘The Source of Your Success’, the raffle and the enriching exchange of experiences were also very well received.

We are very grateful to the organizers and everyone who turned up for this magnificent event!

What the participants are saying:

“A big thank-you to the organizing team for the excellent preparations and planning of this day. It’s great to have our ‘own’ training day in the Netherlands!” (Gerda Hawinkels)

“Great training by Helmy – I learned a lot. It’s also very nice that someone from the management came to provide clear information. I’m now able to appreciate the organization more.” (Willemijn van Wanrooy)

“I learned a lot today. To meet a member of the management and to feel the energy that ENERGETIX radiates was something really special for me. The training opened my eyes. Absolutely recommended! Thanks to the organizing team.” (Monique Deitz)

“A very instructive day from which I was able to draw lots of inspiration. Pleasant conversations. A great day overall.“ (Metty Groenwold)

“A pleasant and instructive day. I started selling ENERGETIX jewellery in November and got lots of tips about how to increase my success – both in my personal life and in business. A very nice day for meeting new colleagues.” (Sandra Reijnen)

 “This was my first time at such an event so it was very nice to see everybody and to admire the new collection ‘live’. The workshop was very instructive, a lot of things became clear and lots of little pieces of the puzzle clicked into place. I’m so glad I was able to take part. I met many nice people! Thank you!” (Silvia Feller)

 “The second kick-off day was again very instructive and nice. A great start to 2017 with ENERGETIX. It was also very nice that Alex came, too, with lots of news and the opportunity to taste the new INJA! I further appreciated being able to see the spring collection ‘in the flesh’ – just like at the Collection Premiere. That gives us so much more because you can then try the pieces on. And it’s additionally very nice to meet both familiar and new colleagues. The workshop was very instructive. Compliments to the organizers.” (Caroline Jagtenberg)