High-ranking visitor from Berlin. Federal Minister, Andrea Nahles, visited ENERGETIX Bingen!

Member of parliament arrives at ENERGETIX on 9 October 2015, on time and in good spirits. After being welcomed by Roland Förster, the company’s Sole Shareholder and CEO, and a short tour of its departments, the politician – who was always accompanied by several local politicians, press representatives and a television crew – took the time for an intensive exchange of ideas.


Andrea Nahles talking to Roland Förster

Andrea Nahles would not be a good politician if she didn’t shift attention to the topic that is currently particularly close to her heart: refugees – and more specifically – their rapid incorporation into the labour market for faster integration.


Andrea Nahles studying ENERGETIX’s jewellery creations with great interest

Lived integration
How can government help German companies to – rapidly – improve the refugees’ situation on the labour market! These and other interesting questions were not avoided and the federal minister left with the promise that ENERGETIX would, if the political framework conditions permitted, give young refugees the opportunity to start their working life – and thus integration – with practical training at ENERGETIX.


Besides welcoming the high proportion of women, particularly in executive roles, the Federal Minister for Labour and Social Affairs was especially happy to see the large number of – highly qualified – employees from immigrant backgrounds demonstrating that integration is a matter of course at ENERGETIX Bingen!

It was then time for her next appointment in Mainz where she was to discuss the topic of a “good working life” with citizens (“Gut leben, gut arbeiten” (“Living Well, Working Well”)). She was probably able to take several positive ideas from Bingen with her and contribute them to the discussion!