ENERGETIX in the Kingdom of Happiness

Bhutan welcomes first-category qualifiers with the greatest of warmth 

It was probably the most emotional training trip that ENERGETIX has ever arranged for its top business partners in a competition. Deeply impressed, the participants describe their experiences. They experienced what it means when a country actively promotes ‘gross national happiness’. This happiness radiated from the sparkling eyes of every resident of Bhutan.

The country’s former education minister said that it was a world first that a company had organised a training trip to Bhutan. The minister helped our business partners to see and understand what it means to place the people themselves at the centre of all decisions. All projects revolve around the happiness of individuals – a focus that in Bhutan has delivered astonishing results.

Buddhism is the spiritual basis for this strategy of happiness, which was apparent in all its warmth in our personal encounters with monks and nuns in their monasteries and abbeys. A trip to the largest Buddha statue was arranged – as was an outing to the Dzong-style Monastery of Punakha, the most important sacred site in Buddhism.

The business partners were able to experience that geniality and warmth also characterise personal interaction at the home of a farming family.  The residents prepared dishes typical of the country for the visitors and offered an insight into the very special world of the spices and plants that are to be found there.

Yes, the ascent was difficult – first on horseback and then on foot – but the guides’ attention and warmth made the effort seem small.  And so everyone made their way to the country’s landmark, the famous Tiger’s Nest. This is a monastery that incredibly holds on to steep rocks and provides an insight to architecture that is unique in the world and that presents indescribable views. Undoubtedly the highlight of a trip to a country where the philosophy of the state has much in common with ENERGETIX’s own vision. Namely, the goal of providing people with the opportunity of a fulfilled life in a profession that’s fun and enjoyable – something that could have come straight from Bhutan’s principles.

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