Background and a look behind the scenes: The new jewellery collection – interview: part V/V

Interview mit Janine Eisenhauer, verantwortliche Schmuckdesignerin bei ENERGETIX Bingen


It looks almost as if the shooting even brought the traffic in some parts of Manhattan to a standstill?

J. E.: No, of course not… we behaved and we stuck to the highway code and waited for the green lights at the pedestrian crossings to take the pictures for this series. But then we did have to move quickly, which was great fun, and it was worth it to capture the vibrant street life in these images.


What’s new in the Chevron category?

Category Chevron – page 111

J. E.: I think the ring with the Chevron motif is a highlight. It stands out because its top is open.I also particularly like the pendant because at first glance it looks plain but it does possess an unusual feature: it can be worn in two different directions, for instance, with the arrow tip pointing sideways or, when the pendant is threaded in so that it is turned by 90°C, the arrow tip will point up or down.



Young Star – page 121

What’s the story behind SWAG?

J. E.: Well, it was obvious that we should also create a few pieces for boys. And the word SWAG inspired us here. In Germany, it was Langenscheidt’s young people’s word of 2011. SWAG describes a specific attitude, and stands for a casually cool vibe and charismatic aura.

The surf motifs are repeated on both pieces: the pendant takes the shape of a surfboard and the bracelet possesses a stainless-steel element with magnets bearing an engraving of a wave and a surfboard. The bracelet beads are made from coconut wood.

People attending the launch were also able to admire a new set of jewellery for young women on Ivy Quainoo, the singer who won the German version of TV’s “The Voice”.

J. E.: Yes, the set includes a bracelet made from wooden beads that have been coloured blue: it is adorned by two tag elements, a star motif and a small tag element possessing integrated magnets. This range comes with matching large but very light ear droppers and a pendant that may be combined with a fabric cord, a fine long chain or even with the clip loop.


Young Star – page 123

And new animal motifs have been added for the very young ENERGETIX fans?

J. E.: Yes, the owls in a fresh colour combination and with cute details really do constitute a very pretty motif. The small slider for the children’s bracelets, which may be easily combined with the longer slider elements, is also new.

Leafing through the catalogue, you see photos with unusual backgrounds, really special city impressions…

J. E.: These stills were all taken by the photographer, Heiko Prigge, while we were on location in NYC. We just wanted to find exciting places where we could take photos for each category of jewellery. For instance, the marble frieze at the Public Library, or a mudguard on a motorbike or graffiti that we really saw there and that appeared to be just waiting for us: EX NYC.

Thank you very much for the interview Janine!