Background and a look behind the scenes: The new jewellery collection – interview: part III/V

Interview with Janine Eisenhauer, head of jewellery design at ENERGETIX Bingen.

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The “Inspired by Ralf Bauer” category is very popular. Are there any new pieces that have been created in cooperation with the actor and declared Asia enthusiast, Ralf Bauer?

Inspired by Ralf Bauer – page 66

Inspired by Ralf Bauer – page 72

J. E.: We’ve developed a new range of bracelets appropriately entitled “MOVE” for the Ralf Bauer collection.

It works really simply and is made up of a plain leather bracelet with simple clasp to which these elements may be attached.

One of the elements is adorned with the knot motif that is very frequent in Asian symbolism.

We have taken up an additional suggestion for the hand-made pendant. There is a small clip loop so that the pendant may also be worn on a chain. The loop also goes with some other pendants.

We have also returned to the material of amber and slightly modified the bracelet.




Category Power – chain 2044

Long and mixed chains are the absolute trend. The asymmetrical Chain 2044 in the Power category successfully takes up the style…

J. E.: Yes! This chain is one of my favourite pieces! On the one hand, it is lavish but, on the other, it is also light and pleasant to wear. Its special feature is that we mixed different chains together. They are joined on the side by two triangular elements. The entire chain possesses an asymmetrical design. Matching earrings that also take up the heart shape are also available.

Category Power - page 74

Thank you, Janine, speak to you in Part 4.