Always in action: Joey Kelly takes on one sporting challenge after another… and sportEX is there

Joey runs through deserts and on one occasion ran right across the Republic, to mention but a few of his feats. We even reported here on FROGBLOG about his not-to-be-imitated mountain (!) bike challenge in the Baltic Sea. Now there is further news about this Irish bundle of energy who never tires of taking on almost any sporting challenge, no matter how unusual it may be.

Together at the summit
So Joey Kelly dared to climb to the summit of the Lienz Dolomites with Andy Holzer, an Austrian who has been blind since birth. The report on this event will be broadcast by ZDF at 5.45 pm on Saturday, 10 August.


Along the North Sea Coast Cycle Path
“It was fantastic, we had a great time!” Together with ex-professionals Jeannie Longo (13-time women’s world cycling champion and Olympic gold medalist) and Rudi Altig (former world cycling champion), Joey Kelly embarked on the North Sea Coast Cycle Path, the longest cycle path in the world. The trio covered 2,500 of the 6,200 km long trail. The highlights of their tour through Scotland and England have been summarized in a five-part Arte documentary.

Arte will be repeating parts 1 – 3 on 17 August, starting at 2.55 pm (parts 4 and 5 have already been repeated on 8 and 9 August – both at 7.45 am).

Guest of Ingo Nommsen on the “Volle Kanne” programme
This enthusiastic sportEX wearer encountered long-time ENERGETIX Launch presenter Ingo Nommsen on ZFD’s “Volle Kanne” programme. The pair talked openly and genuinely about past challenges – such as, for example, Joey’s extreme fast (which we would also ask you not to imitate) – and about planned activities.

Click here to view the informative conversation between Joey Kelly and Ingo Nommsen.

Panel member on “Die 25”
Anything else about Joey Kelly? Joey also appears as a panel member on the RTL ranking show “Die 25” hosted by Sonja Zietlow, which depicts bizarre and “incredible” events.