Ultra marathon runner Felix Knopp wears sportEX

We are delighted to note that sportEX is gaining prominence in more and more sports, as shown by top professional athletes and committed amateurs.


sportEX bracelets

Ultra marathon runner Felix Knopp from the town of Much is the classic example of a very successful sportsman who wears sportEX.

This can be seen in a short WDR TV report (of 27 March 2013) in the channel’s “Lokalzeit aus Bonn” programme, which shows Felix Knopp checking the paths of the Natursteig Sieg, a 115 km long-distance nature trail, in double-quick time. He is visibly wearing a featherweight sportEX bracelet… a light green one!



This 41-year-old member of the LLG St. Augustin club is a dedicated cross country runner with impressive ultra marathon statistics. True to the motto “Run to the limit”, this extreme athlete apparently checks the entire trail at the run. The ultra races he has completed include the 100 km Biel Run and the 50 km Westerwald Run, which he won in 2010 in a time of 4 hours and exactly 10 minutes.