The ENERGETIX Gala from a fashion point of view – no place for the badly dressed?

Besides the long-awaited presentation of the new jewellery collection, the Launch’s absolute highlight will be the festive gala in the evening! Who’ll be attending? What culinary delights will be served?

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And not least: will the dresses be long or short? Classical black or more colourful? Perhaps evenly wildly patterned? What will the ladies be wearing for formal wear this late summer; what colours and cuts are fashionable at the moment? While thanks to gender (fashion) equality, what the gentlemen will be wearing will be just as interesting to see. And not least: what ENERGETIX jewellery will you be combining with your outfit?

Welchen ENERGETIX Schmuck kombinieren Sie mit Ihrem Outfit?

So if you’ve got a ticket for the gala but haven’t yet decided what to wear: don’t waste any more time, rummage through your wardrobe or hurry to the ladies’ or gentlemen’s outfitter of your choice!

Be it conspicuous haute couture or that restrained little black one, the sporty-casual summer dress or that wild leopard look: the team at ENERGETIX Bingen is looking forward to seeing you there … irrespective of how you’re dressed on the night!

Because the important thing is that everybody feels at home in what they’ve got on! For that’s what will make it a magnificent evening!

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