Once again: 21.0975 km to complete – ENERGETIX runs for a worthy cause yet again

In 2013 it’s once again “on with the running shoes and out onto the track” for ENERGETIX distributors and staff. Every kilometer counts!

Staff and distributors form a team

As in 2012, an ENERGETIX team will again be taking part in this year’s Gutenberg Marathon in Mainz – to run the half-marathon distance. Last year an ENERGETIX group of over 50 runners took part. In their red sports shirts, the runners struck a colourful note among the several thousand participants from all over the world. ENERGETIX is hoping that a large number of its “red frogs” will again take part in the 2013 race.

Marathon (2)

Determined and enjoying themselves: ENERGETIX distributors are running for a worthy cause

All inclusive

Electrolyte drinks, massages and cheers of encouragement along the 21.0975 km distance. As was the case last year, a highly motivated ENERGETIX support team will provide comprehensive assistance in 2013. To strengthen the team spirit, each runner will be given an attractive sports shirt!

When long-distance running meets social commitment

Sports-minded distributors and staff from the Bingen headquarters will be running together in Mainz to support a worthy cause. For every kilometer run, ENERGETIX Bingen will donate two euros towards a charity project.

The registration countdown has begun

The marathon will take place in Mainz on Sunday 12 May 2013. Whether interested in running the 42.195 km or the half marathon distance, all ENERGETIX Bingen distributors are invited to join the team on 12 May. ENERGETIX distributors and staff can register at running@energetix.tv up to 15 February 2013.

Good to know: Please remit the entry fee of 40 euros per runner in advance (you will find the bank details in the QuickNews item about the half marathon – it was sent to ENERGETIX distributors in January).

All ENERGETIX participants will have the fee reimbursed by ENERGETIX. If you have registered but are unable to take part on 12 May, the money you have paid will be added to the donation amount.

Training on a treadmill, a forest path or a cinder track, on your own or in a group – there are many ways to build up your running capacity and be in top form for the long-distance run on 12 May. In addition to the charity aspect and the unique team experience, there is at least one other reason for participating. After all, “more exercise/sport” is one of the top 10 good intentions of most amateur sportsmen and women.