Hitchhiking to success … Newcomer Marika Thomas promptly wins a Mercedes leasing contract at the Collection Premiere!

Our business partner Wonja Koch

Our successful business partner Wonja Koch was returning home from a home party in Pforzheim on a Saturday in May 2017 when she noticed someone thumbing a lift from the side of the road. Wonja stopped to help in spite of initial misgivings. It turned out that the young woman – Marika Thomas – was on her way to Stuttgart – which was a stroke of luck because Wonja was also on her way to the state capital of Baden-Württemberg around 50 kilometres away.

Marika hadn’t had a great day; so it was really lucky that Wonja and her smart Shooting Brake from the ENERGETIXDRIVE  programme and branded with ENERGETIX’s frog stopped – thus introducing ENERGETIX to her life.

Marika climbed in and the two started chatting. She was surprised to find that Wonja  (active since 2011) was still in such a good mood after finishing work so Wonja told her that she had just earned a few hundred euros. At the end of the trip, Wonja gave her an issue of ‘Healthy at last’ and the current EX Magazine, in which there’s also a report about Wonja.

“We’re both 30 years old. And we simply gelled!”

Marika immediately took the Monday off to join Wonja at a home party. The evening’s sales totalling 1,800 euros was another aspect that made her think about joining ENERGETIX and so the next day she immediately signed up!

“Marika went full throttle with ENERGETIX!”

Marika Thomas at the 2017 ENERGETIX Collection Premiere in Berlin

She was able to secure her ticket for ENERGETIX’s Collection Premiere. And then something amazing happened: she also won one of the three coveted leasing contracts for a car from the ENERGETIXDRIVE partner programme at the grand anniversary raffle. The whole team was absolutely thrilled! So Marika, like her mentor, now drives a Shooting Brake branded with ENERGETIX’s logo!

ENERGETIX’s management on the stage with the three happy winners of the ENERGETIXDRIVE leasing contracts: Gabriele Baumgärtner, Marika Thomas and Eva-Maria Renner

Marika’s partner is also fully behind her activities and supports her wherever he can. She can see herself doing more with ENERGETIX in the future – even doing it full-time at some point!

Wonja Koch: “Marika went full throttle with ENERGETIX!”

Wonja has proved that it always pays to talk about ENERGETIX jewellery and the brilliant business idea wherever you are. Because this amazing history about two winners again shows that almost any situation and any place represent an opportunity to start talking about the unique career potential that network marketing with ENERGETIX has to offer: becoming a confident ENERGETIX business partner in just three days – an authentic success story that probably only ENERGETIX could have ‘written’.

And perhaps Marika will one day pick up a hitchhiker in her Mercedes and then also win a new team member in this unusual way!