ENERGETIX’s Collection Premiere 2016 in Berlin: Summer, sun, magnetic jewellery … and lots of team spirit!

Business partners, licence partners and friends: more than 1,000 participants from all around the world were welcomed in Berlin by glorious sunshine and summer temperatures. The international guests – they had travelled from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Luxembourg, Morocco, Moldova, the Netherlands, Norway, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, Serbia, South Africa, Turkey and the USA – were the first to see and experience ENERGETIX’s new collection of magnetic jewellery and the corresponding catalogue for 2017!

Barbara Schoeneberger_klein001_da


Top host: La Schöneberger was a blast
Barbara Schöneberger, Germany’s most popular broadcaster, took to the stage at the Estrel and accompanied the audience through the day with her usual charm and easy-going style. She first asked Roland Förster, ENERGETIX’s Sole Shareholder and CEO, to join her on stage.

Intensive welcome speech: Roland Förster informed and motivated
To set the mood, Roland Förster reviewed the company’s positive developments over recent years and gave special mention to positive international examples. But because success does not happen by itself, Roland Förster also drew attention to how important it is in ENERGETIX’s daily business to always have an open ear and to always be a helper and mentor. Because, he said, that’s when success happens!

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This means that the most valuable thing that we have to give is our time. So – in conjunction with the many marketing and IT aids, unique products and the business partners’ enthusiasm – nothing can stand in the way of a successful and fulfilling career with ENERGETIX.

Excitedly awaited: the Premiere of the new collection
Supported by professional dancers, Marcella Ferretti and Andreas Zwierlein, jewellery designers in Bingen, presented the highlights of the new collection. Three trend categories will be generating additional business momentum in 2017: Exotic Spirit, Urban Nostalgia and Creative Silence. Particularly ‘Solid’, the chronograph style watches, the new MagnetRelax relaxation mask for wellness business and the new sportEX bracelets, available from January, were particularly well received by the audience.


Also there: Joey Kelly, endurance specialist and enthusiastic sportEX fan
None other than Joey Kelly, the sportEX representative, was asked to introduce the new developments for the sportEX best-seller. The new silicone bracelet will be available from January in a revamped lively two-colour design: four attractive colour combinations each with 2,000 gauss. “I’m so happy to wear these bracelets!”



Countdown: And then the time had arrived for the presentation of the new catalogue to the audience and the revelation of where the fascinating model photos had been shot: Puerto Rico, the Caribbean island state, had been used as the glorious backdrop!

Top-class: the trainer, Boris Grundl, encouraged people to think about their lives
The experienced speaker and author’s presentation, which was entitled ‘The Magic of Change’, roused the participants and asked them to be “the best they could ever be”. His many valuable tips will certainly help business partners be more aware of how they live their lives.

Boris Grundl_25_mh


From the horse’s mouth: news from ENERGETIX’s management
Alexander Link, CIO/COO, discussed the latest IT developments, e.g. the new product app, the management-system tutorials, the print shop and interesting news about the customer newsletter.


Credit where credit is due: the awards
The stage quickly became crowded when the attending newcomers were asked to come up at the beginning of the event. The many new business partners were clear evidence that the network-marketing company in Bingen is really healthy and that it will be starting off the coming business year both with experienced mentors and many newcomers!

Newcomer_Vorstellung_4_mh_MG_5070_Teambuilding_JKJessica Schlick, CMO, then presented the awards to ENERGETIX’s business partners who had distinguished themselves with outstanding performances over recent months: with an emotional honorific speech, a place on the winner’s podium and a storm of applause.


Training-trip competition: the new destinations
The destinations for the new training-trip competitions were then revealed: those qualifying in the second category will be travelling to Sicily, first-category qualifiers may look forward to a fantastic time in Puerto Rico!

And winners in the newcomer category will be able to acquaint themselves with headquarters in Bingen and all its departments.

Festive: the gala dinner with awards for STARCLUB members
Things became emotional again when the best of the best, the international STARCLUB and One-Year STARCLUB members, wearing their sashes, stepped on the stage to receive their deserved awards!

Ehrung STARCLUB_19_mh

Together for a good cause: for the Hugo Tempelman Foundation
Clemens Schick, internationally renowned actor and ambassador for the foundation, was a surprise guest at the event. The actor, who among other things is famous for his role in the James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’, praised ENERGETIX for its involvement in South Africa. Roland Förster handed over a cheque worth 110,000 euros to Liesje Tempelman and Vivi Eickelberg of the Tempelman Foundation this year.


ENERGETIX also supported the RTL television channel’s ‘Wir helfen Kindern e.V.’ (‘We Help Children’) foundation throughout the year. ENERGETIX’s donations totalled 165,000 euros.

Lively atmosphere: music and dancing until late into the night
The eventful day was rounded off with a party with DJ Hildegard and the band Shebeen.


Traditional ending to a mega event: the get-together on Sunday
The Premiere weekend came to a successful conclusion with the Networking Lounge on Sunday morning. This was where business partners formed groups to acquaint themselves with the new jewellery sets and discuss sales arguments, materials and combination options. Participants were afterwards able to swap notes with each other and renew friendships before returning home by car, train or plane.


We’ve put together the best impressions for you in an on-line photo album.

You’ll find the video of the Collection Premiere here! We hope you enjoy it.