ENERGETIX with a job for the future – ‘Helping arguments’ for winning new business partners from a government minister


Andrea Nahles and Roland Förster

Andrea Nahles visited ENERGETIX’s Bingen headquarters in October last year. The Federal German Minister for Labour was not only delighted with the exclusive designer jewellery but also with the working conditions that ENERGETIX’s business partners enjoy.

No wonder that the minister was not only impressed but also surprised when she visited. The principles that have governed the successful activities of ENERGETIX’s business partners for years satisfy almost all the requirements that her ministry has now set out in its White Paper about Change in the World of Employment, which was published at the end of November.

And, according to the White Paper*, the following list sets out just a few of the things that applicants will want from the best jobs in the future:

    • Flexible working hours
    • Home office instead of compulsory presence
    • Compatibility between career and family
    • Appreciation
    • Work-life balance
    • Further qualification in computer-based skills
    • Personal fulfilment
    • Happiness, satisfaction, self-fulfilment
    • Meaning and joy
    • Fun at work

This wish list for future jobs reads like an insider’s description of the conditions that ENERGETIX’s business partners already enjoy. It’s good for all business partners to know that they’re working in an environment that others can only dream of, particularly in this grouping of requirements. Nearly all of the targets set out in the ministry’s White Paper apply to the ENERGETIX job. So the next time you want to persuade a prospective business partner with powerful arguments, you can do so with the ministry’s help. We could have hardly wished for better supporting arguments.

*The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs has published a White Paper to document a broader discussion in society about ‘Work 4.0’ and to explore how society could structure work in the future.