Worth duplicating: ENERGETIX business partners from Westerwald organize a great training session for their team!

That the practical exchanges at this year’s kick-off meeting in Willingen were absolutely effective is demonstrated by the fact that Andreas Räwel and Andreas Kasulke – both successful ENERGETIX business partners – used the concept to organize a corresponding training event for their own downline themselves!

Impressive Response: Thirty-nine participants travelled to the event in Mogendorf in Westerwald on Saturday, 20 February 2016. “We started with a business presentation and then focused on the Basis II and Basis III training and Team Building I and II modules. This was followed by a live jewellery presentation with invited guests at the venue. Here, the business partners were asked to pay special attention to whether all the relevant aspects – the presentation of the business, for example, or the observation of signals, booking and subsequent booking and, of course, the presentation itself – were being employed in the presentation. Afterwards the training participants were ‘all mixed together’ by drawing lots. The tables were pushed together to create five groups. Each group was then given an envelope that contained a workshop topic. The task: to develop ten important and relevant points in the group!”


The agenda included the following topics – all of which are probably most important to all business partners:

• Preparing the host (up to the point where ‘host becomes a business partner’)
• Jewellery / wellness presentation: how do I make my business right and important
• Booking / subsequent booking during the presentation, at markets and fairs
• Creating leads (for a business partnership, presentation or customer)
• How do I get structure into my business, what aspects do I need to change?


All the participants contributed, helped develop the team results and at the end one team member from each of the workshop tables summarized their group’s results for the entire audience!

The result of this training: everyone was absolutely thrilled. “The response was really great and everybody genuinely had lots of fun!”

FROGBLOG says thank you to all participants for their dedication, keep it up! Always!