World-record attempt successful: congratulations, Joey!

Joey Kelly saddled up on Thursday, 21 November 2013, with the aim of setting an absolutely crazy record during the RTL TV channel’s telethon: to ride a bull non-stop for 24 hours! And, indeed, Joey Kelly hung on and survived the ordeal! Joey Kelly now holds the first ever record for “staying on an electrical bull”!


The 24-hour record man

Joey’s mad record attempts during RTL’s telethons have become cult… he already holds the records for staying “on a spinning ‘Devil’s Wheel'”, “on a tightrope”, “under water” and “on an escalator” for 24 hours!
He unfortunately didn’t make it to the singles’ final of this year’s TV total Turmspringen (High-Diving Championship) last weekend. But he did reach the synchronized diving finals with Peter Imhof where he came fourth. He was probably still feeling the 24 hours on the electric bull in his bones.