Valuable and practical tips on the day before the Collection Premiere in Berlin: Business partner training!

Once again, the pooled practical knowledge arrived in Berlin for the ENERGETIX Collection Premiere. In a cross-team business partner training course with over 300 participants, some of the most experienced and successful ENERGETIX business partners passed on their knowledge of the following topics:


Because you really just need to know how to do it. And that is exactly what the experts, whose success is proof of their abilities, showed everyone in Berlin.

Speakers Ulrich Lang, Biba Marseglia, Karin Becker, Dominique Strauß, Wonja Koch and Sjaak Janssen provided important pointers on key business issues: everything was included, from leading a team to self-discipline and the products.

Absolutely no participants wanted to miss out on this concentrated know-how, because the reason they had come was to profit from the many tried-and-tested tips and suggestions – for even more and lasting success in their business.

The atmosphere was very positive during the exceptionally entertaining training day. The general anticipation of the big event on the following day was, of course, pervasive: The Collection Premiere 2017, an event which was attended by over a thousand additional business partners from around the world!

A practical tip from ENERGETIX:
Participating in trainings always proves to be extremely helpful for both new and experienced business partners. Again and again you receive new tips and suggestions for your own business and, besides the content itself, the possibility to exchange ideas with one another is also an important part of the training. If you select specific training courses according to your own needs, you can effectively apply the content you learned there and successfully advance your business!