Professional tips for newcomers: decorating workshop run by the ENERGETIX jewellery designer

The visually appealing and balanced display of selected pieces of jewellery is an extremely important factor at fairs and markets and also at home parties. The decorating workshop held during the Bingen event (already reported in FROGBLOG) served to demonstrate the sales-enhancing effect of a jewellery presentation arranged according to professional standards. It is important for beginners to acquire this knowledge and put together a presentation as effectively as possible.


The first introductory part of the workshop consisted of a talk by experienced ENERGETIX jewellery designer Janine Eisenhauer. She outlined the basic rules of jewellery presentation that need to be kept in mind when arranging the presentation of goods in a professional manner. A particular highlight of her talk was the presentation of the new ENERGETIX price tickets that complement the ENERGETIX range of information materials.

… and practice

The second part of the workshop was devoted to putting the tips into practice. Participants were divided into groups of two or three and arranged their own presentations. With the help of ENERGETIX sales aids like busts, boxes and decoration displays – and applying the “golden section” rule – all the distributors succeeded in creating professional jewellery presentation tables.


The “basic decorating” outlined at the workshop – together with other carefully placed display materials for pendants, bracelets and earrings – can create a good eye-catcher at fairs.


Here’s wishing all distributors continued fun and success in putting these ideas into practice!