Product presentation – sales training – winning business partners: Magnificent intensive seminar in Blaubeuren

Those who’ve already been to the training event that takes place every year in Blaubeuren know how effective and warm it is and always want to come back. So it’s no surprise that there were so many business partners in attendance again on 7 and 8 October 2017.

The programme for the two-day event was again impressive. These were just a few of the topics:

  • ’The 10 characteristics of people in business that deliver sustained success with ENERGETIX’
  • ‘How getting in touch with customers and speaking to business partners become natural’
  • ‘Concentration on the most important activities in business with ENERGETIX: calling, accompanying team partners and ‘Everything to do with organizing jewellery parties’’
Intensiv-Seminar Blaubeuren

“Learn from those who are already where you want to be!“ The organizing team from left to right: Ulrich Lang (also seminar management), Karin and Klaus Becker, Biba Marseglia

Old hands provided tips, new high flyers were interviewed: newcomers and returnees shared their personal experiences with the participants in an intensive exchange! An expert workshop also provided lots of helpful input in regard to sales, preparing hosts, winning team partners and team management.

A bonus programme included relaxation techniques, success meditation and success yoga!

Intensiv-Seminar Blaubeuren

What the participants are saying:

“I always come away from ENERGETIX events highly motivated … but this time I was totally buzzing. I can’t say it in words. I’m motivated and full of drive right down to the tips of my hair; it’s absolutely mad. Thanks to all participants.” (Daniela Schulte)

“The weekend was overwhelming!!! THANKS” (Alina Naif)

“I just can’t tell you how valuable these two days in Blaubeuren were for me again … A massive thank-you not only to the trainers but also (and especially) to the participants whose openness (honest, true, authentic) taught me so much” (Wolfgang Düsener)

“A weekend with lots to think about and massive amounts of positive energy. Thank you so much.”  (Angie Go)

Intensiv-Seminar Blaubeuren