“Making a habit of success!” Motivational boost to kick off the year in the Netherlands

Leaving your own comfort zone, setting yourself new goals, steadily tackling them with a step-by-step approach and then achieving them! Sjaak Janssen showed the 60 participants how to do that at the meeting to kick off the year that was held in Tiel in the Netherlands on 27 January. The event also included a presentation that showed how our products mesh with the seven pillars of health. The presentations were perfectly complemented by Margreth Janssen’s workshop that was entitled, ‘Thinking creatively about ENERGETIX’s magnetic jewellery.’ Every individual piece of jewellery is associated with starting points that partners can draw on using their own creativity to find arguments that will inspire customers.CIO Alexander Link welcomed the many participants from the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland on behalf of ENERGETIX and introduced them to this year’s motto, which is: ‘Your time is NOW!’. The 10 newcomers among the guests who are just starting their time with ENERGETIX were particularly interested in the presentations. That ENERGETIX can deliver total success was again demonstrated by the awards for the STARCLUB members. Seven of the most successful business partners attended the event.Both newcomers and the old hands were shown how they could use the new SPRING / SUMMER collection and the new Show it! presentation system to launch themselves into the new year. The two received a great response in Tiel and were the subject of competent exchanges. The new competition represents a special incentive to make an intensive start. Alexander Link’s presentation of the training trip to St. Petersburg and the valuable rewards that are also on offer was enthusiastically applauded by the participants.There were only winners in the prize draw that then followed. Every ticket was rewarded with a nice non-cash or jewellery prize. The many emails received after the event show how well received it was, including one from, among others, Lotte Hulsink that said: “What a beautiful and pleasant day! I immediately felt at home as a newcomer. I learned a lot and met new colleagues. It’s fantastic that everybody supports each other with tips. It’s really something special. I can’t wait for the next training event!”Motivational boost to kick off the year in the Netherlands! The event definitely increased the desire to make a habit out of success.

Thank you to all the trainers, organizers and helpers who contributed to the making the event turn out so well!

Here are the photos for you!