Joey Kelly visits ENERGETIX Bingen



After supporting the ENERGETIX team in the Gutenberg Marathon a few days previously (as already reported in FROGBLOG), extreme athlete Joey Kelly visited the ENERGETIX headquarters in Bingen in the middle of May.



This exceptional athlete was very interested in the wide range of products and the company’s different departments, both of which he found out about during his visit. He took advantage of the opportunity to say hello to the ENERGETIX staff and hand out autographed cards and CDs.

The meeting lasted several hours and focused on Joey Kelly’s future collaboration with ENERGETIX Bingen. All we can say at the moment is that you can look forward to further exciting ENERGETIX campaigns with Joey Kelly!




NB: The extreme athlete was visibly impressed by the silicone sportEX bracelets: Joey Kelly had one on each wrist when he ran the half marathon in Mainz on 12 May and he was also wearing sportEX when he visited Bingen.