Intensive exchange and ambitious targets: ENERGETIX’s annual kick-off meeting in Denmark

On Saturday, 7 February 2015, 63 Danish business partners met with Roland Förster, Sole Shareholder and CEO, in Middelfart for a fantastic day full of news, suggestions, questions, answers and an enriching exchange of experiences!


Communications? No problem: Niels Olsen (right) provided simultaneous interpretation into Danish for Roland Förster

It was particularly important for the Danish business partners to meet the Sole Shareholder and CEO of their network-marketing company in person and to hear the latest news first hand. It was also a welcome opportunity to chat with him. And all participants were able to benefit from his talk thanks to the simultaneous interpretation into Danish.


Time for a chat, Mr Förster? Many business partners took the opportunity to get acquainted


Introduced the new items of jewellery: ENERGETIX’s business partner, Inge Møller Nielsen

In her charming manner, Inge Møller Nielsen, successful independent business partner with a wealth of network-marketing experience, presented the new 2015 spring / summer collection while Peter Ole Madsen, ENERGETIX business partner and trainer, talked about setting goals and achieving them with ENERGETIX and about the inspiration for the business.

Pia Petersen concluded the event by providing the participants with good sales techniques for the Power series.


Helpful input: Peter Ole Madsen contributed valuable advice about goals and inspiration