In the flow: Tessi, the Magnet Finder – Android app by ENERGETIX Bingen

Now available to download for free from Google Play!

Tessi start screen

ENERGETIX Bingen has introduced another technical innovation: Tessi, the Magnet Finder.

Easy “scanning” for magnetic flows

Tessi, the app for Android mobile phones (from Version GingerBread 2.3.3), graphically indicates magnetic flows through the body on mobile phone displays to wearers of ENERGETIX magnetic jewellery.

Distributors may now download the app free from Google Play. Just enter “Energetix Tessi” in the Google Play search function, select the app and start the Tessi download. The download will start after confirmation.

Opening the following link on your Android mobile phone will take you directly to Tessi in Google Play:

What can Tessi do and how does the new app work?

The Android mobile phone must be held over the part of the body where the magnetic jewellery is being worn.

Take care here not to place the mobile phone directly on the magnetic jewellery but that the magnetic jewellery is covered by a part of the body (e.g. the hand) when it is “scanned”.

Tessi, the Magnet Finder

The large ENERGETIX frog remains visible at all times. Its colour intensity will change when Tessi finds a magnetic flow during the scanning process.

The frog will turn an intensive red when a strong magnetic flow is detected.

Sensor search function

Tessi possesses a practical sensor-search function for fast and simple “scanning”. Once the Android mobile phone sensor has been localized and the location saved, you’ll be able to check at any time where the sensor is located on the mobile phone by launching the sensor search function again.

sensor-search function

ENERGETIX distributors can find out more about Tessi by logging into the distributors’ section on