Glaciers – geysers – volcanoes. The breathtaking training trip to Iceland

Those of you who were able to score high in the LOVE YOUR BUSINESS reward competition had the opportunity of securing one of the coveted tickets to Iceland!

Geysers, fields of lava, breathtaking waterfalls and cliffs: probably everyone can see the unique impressions of Iceland’s nature in their mind’s eye. The trip exclusively put together for this rewards competition – delivered both exciting and wonderfully relaxing days on Iceland.


The 14-strong ENERGETIX group headed by Alexander Link (CIO/COO) and Petra Schmeing (ENERGETIX Events) launched their Iceland adventure from their hotel, which was located in Fludir 100 kilometres to the east of the capital of Reykjavik, on 19 October.


Friday’s leisurely breakfast was followed by a trip to the geologically and historically important Thingvellir National Park, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004.

The group then made an excursion to see the famous Iceland ponies before later spending time relaxing body and mind in the between 38°C and 40°C hot spring waters of the “Secret Lagoon”. The people on Iceland call it Gamla Laugin, ‘The Old Swimming Pool’, and it’s probably the oldest swimming venue on the island.

ENERGETIX IslandENERGETIX IslandENERGETIX IslandThe next day’s extensive breakfast was followed by an adventure! The group travelled to Iceland’s probably most famous waterfall – Gullfoss – which is also called the ‘Golden Waterfall’. The water from the Hvita glacier river drops in two cascades into a gorge that is 2.5 kilometres long and 70 metres deep. And the breathtaking nature of the tour was continued with a snowmobile trip on Iceland’s second largest glacier: Langjökull!

ENERGETIX IslandThe international group then stopped off for lunch at the Geyser Centre before taking the opportunity to see Iceland’s world-famous geysers up close. The evening meal, which simultaneously constituted the conclusion of this great training trip, was taken in the centre of Iceland’s enchanting capital of Reykjavik.


The business partners started their return journey the next morning with many fantastic impressions to take back home with them. Iceland, every nature lover’s eldorado, amazed its visitors with its variety and beauty. The opportunity to enjoy all this together will strengthen the participants’ team spirit over the long term and will spur them on to continue their efforts towards success … not least to secure another ticket for one of ENERGETIX’s coveted training trips in the future!

Did our business partners see the northern lights, elves and trolls? Why not ask our happy Iceland travellers yourself?!

Here are the photos!


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