Exemplary motivation: a sports success story – Running for running’s sake and for a good cause

It all started with the appearance of Ironman Slatco Sterzenbach at ENERGETIX’s annual kick-off meeting for 2013 in Willingen: his exciting presentation impressed ENERGETIX distributors, Andreas Räwel and Andreas Kasulke, so much so that both decided to stop smoking there and then! But that wasn’t enough: they also changed their diets and set their sights on taking part in the half-marathon in Mainz (FROGBLOG reported).


Andreas Räwel

That was at the beginning of 2013 and both started training for the first time in their lives on 26 January with the clearly defined goal of taking part in a half-marathon. And also of making a contribution to the funds generated for the Hugo Tempelman Foundation (link).

They trained three to five times a week to achieve these goals. In this way, both were not only able to run the half-marathon but also to finish in under two hours! “Now we’ve caught the bug completely and we have continued to run and train!” Both continue to enthusiastically run half-marathons … always outfitted with ENERGETIX’s running shirt that also has the Hugo Tempelman Foundation’s name on it.


Andreas Kasulke

They have now joined forces with Sabine Kaiser-Martin, also a distributor, her partner and two other runners. The group has already collected 120 euros for the Hugo Tempelman Foundation through their running and intends to run the coming half-marathons together as the “ENERGETIX-Tempelman Team” – clearly visible in their pink-and-black ENERGETIX shirts. And they’re really enjoying “doing something for others and for themselves!”

We say thanks and keep up the good work!