ENERGETIX means the future – The annual kick-off meeting in France

ENERGETIX’s French-speaking business partners met on 7 January in the first calendar week to kick off the year. More than 70 participants from France, Switzerland and Morocco had accepted ENERGETIX’s invitation and come along to ring in the new business year for 2017. We’d like to thank Josette Desassis and Anke Hesse-Michaelis at this point for preparing and organising the event and for their support on location!

Roland Förster, ENERGETIX’s Sole Shareholder and Owner; Jessica Schlick, CMO, and Petra Schmeing, Event Manager, had also travelled to the east of France to report the latest developments within the company and to set the mood of the French-speaking business partners for ENERGETIX’s new year with the new motto, ‘Love your future!’

A special highlight was the preview of the SPRING / SUMMER 2017 collection (which will be available to order from 15 March).

The awards honouring the newcomers, the best and STARCLUB members was another important item on the agenda.

Bingen has ‘totally revamped’ the training-trip competition. The details were revealed for the first time in Lyon. All that we’d like to say here is that business partners will now be able to choose from several rewards!

The event naturally also included a practical training session. The motivational coach, Grégory Drivet, and his team convinced with their professional personality training. Then there was the cocktail and evening meal together – followed by dancing into the small hours of the morning.

Getting news about the company first hand, being honoured, establishing important contacts with other team members and enjoying a nice event in the company of like-minded people: ENERGETIX’s meeting in France to kick off 2017 once again exceeded all expectations so that the participants will be starting their successful future as ENERGETIX business partners with a great motivational boost.