ENERGETIX is enjoying great success in France – An interview with Josette Desassis

ENERGETIX continues to grow – all over the world. And particularly the successes being achieved by business partners in France are really remarkable. Reason enough to ask Josette Desassis, who has been with ENERGETIX from the start, how these unique results are being achieved.


Josette Desassis

FROGBLOG: Josette, you’ve been working in network marketing since 1986 and over that time you’ve gained a wealth of experience.

Why do you think that so many ENERGETIX business partners in France are able to achieve top results every month?

Josette Desassis: Networking is different in France: our country has strict laws that govern network marketing, these permit so-called ′VDIs′ to make “personal sales”, i.e. sales to private customers in their homes, but strictly prohibit them from selling at other venues, i.e. at stalls, trade fairs or other public commercial events. For me, this is the only way in which business partners are able to develop their activities over the long term and bind their customers to themselves locally.

Every business partner is self-employed and may develop in line with their own values and motivation, “They are entitled not to know something but they are obliged to keep on educating themselves!” Because they alone are responsible for their own success or failure! We must teach them the ins-and-outs of our profession gradually to empower them to achieve success. And that takes more time than a business partner who purchases stock to sell at a trade fair. The company is interested in having people who duplicate their methods.

FROGBLOG: How important are the aspects of “action” and “duplication”?

Josette Desassis: In pure network marketing, we always say, “What we need are sales people who sell and not customers who buy.” I don’t provide training to everybody because I think that each individual must duplicate their knowledge: even if I have good second lines, I never work personally with them. I make sure that the people receive the proper training – but always in conjunction with the mentor so that he or she progresses towards action and duplication. Business partners in France must prove that they’ve duplicated their knowledge and that ENERGETIX has paid a fee for the work they’ve done … In any case, it’s like in a traditional company: if you’ve got managers, you don’t carry out their tasks yourself! You do brain storming, train the direct team but you get them to take action … some don’t want to invest either the time or the money but the result is always quickly apparent: their networks become more fractured every day. I only work with people who want to do something, who possess self-confidence and skills.

FROGBLOG: What does it mean for you to be a business person in network Marketing?

Josette Desassis: Being a ′business person′ in this job means that you have to have a project with targets that have been financially adjusted and that are measurable. You are able to teach others about this business with time, motivation, energy, knowledge and humility – provided you don’t expect them to be grateful. You build up a network! The business partners must understand that they’re working for themselves and not for their mentors.

FROGBLOG: What should business partners (all over the world) take absolutely into account?

Josette Desassis: You have to congratulate yourself and be proud of what you’ve achieved – as SENECA said: “Self-satisfaction dominates all feelings.” (FROGBLOG’s note: Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Roman philosopher)

We’re not employees, we are self-employed and, in particular, we are business people who are able to do a job that’s not associated with any real risk. It’s the same when you open up a shop, you have to generate sales and develop the business – but it’s a lot riskier!  That’s why the business partners’ image and the quality of service they provide is very important to me because attitudes are currently changing and an increasingly number of people want to be in control of their own time and achieve success without the need to fit into oppressive hierarchies. Economic conditions are also changing. We want to be prepared for these changes because network marketing is a profession with a genuine future.

FROGBLOG: Josette, you’ve achieved a lot in your work – what drives you and what are your plans for the future?

Josette Desassis: I used to do this work from the ′other side of the desk′ when I was a manager. And, when I was signing the cheques at the time, I always thought that it was a pity that I wasn’t a distributor, too.

But by happy chance I was able to become a business partner with ENERGETIX after I ′retired′. A day doesn’t go by without me working on enhancing the value of the network that I’ve built up. I love this work because it allows me to live the life that I want to live, a life that helps me stay in touch with younger people and achieve my own financial targets. It’s a privilege. There is no age limit in this job, I’m 73 years of age and I gain great personal satisfaction from helping motivated people understand the mechanisms of our job.

I belong to the future of ENERGETIX because I firmly believe in its development. I’m sitting in the first-class compartment of an express train and know at which station I’ll be getting off when the time has come.

FROGBLOG: Thank you, Josette, for your explanations, personal impressions and experiences.