ENERGETIX celebrities gain media attention: the exclusive ENERGETIX photo shoot with Ronan Keating and Franziska Knuppe

The fact that pop star Ronan Keating and model Franziska Knuppe go very well together – and not just visually, either – was recognized even by the Berlin-based Bild-Zeitung (Germany’s most popular tabloid) in its 13 June edition. The paper featured an article on the ENERGETIX photo shoot (for the eagerly awaited 2013-2014 ENERGETIX catalogue) with international stars.


ENERGETIX Franziska Knuppe and Ronan Keating clearly had a lot of fun during the ENERGETIX shoot and ENERGETIX distributors can look forward to the photos and the new jewellery collection with great anticipation. The creative development process is in top gear: the catalogue and jewellery will be premiered on 31 August at the Catalogue Launch in Berlin.