Come in! ENERGETIX is always happy to open its doors to its business partners

From the idea to the finished item: how is ENERGETIX’s catalogue produced? Who do those nice voices in Customer Support belong to? What happens in the warehouse and how does the highly modern engraving machine work?

Visiting ENERGETIX in Bingen: business partners from several teams

Around 50 business partners were able to gain an impression of their company for themselves on Friday. The brief introduction and a few items of news and information about the company were followed by a question-and-answer session with CIO / COO Alexander Link. And it’s precisely this direct contact that takes place at all ENERGETIX events that ENERGETIX business partners greatly appreciate. Members of the Bingen staff then accompanied the visitors on a tour of the premises and provided exclusive insights into the various departments’ working processes.

First-hand information: Alexander Link of the management with his staff

Business partner Angela Schneider and her team thrilled with a creative song and guitar accompaniment. They had adapted the popular song ‘Tage wie diese’ (‘Days Like This’) by the Tote Hosen to their trip to Bingen and performed it together.

Highly motivated, creative and in good spirits: Angela Schneider and her team surprised everybody with their song!

Things became very emotional when mentor Ulrich Lang – ENERGETIX man of the first hour and model for an exemplary career with ENERGETIX – suddenly turned up and further boosted spirits with his warmth.

The jewellery-design and marketing departments providing insights behind the scenes

Informative and in a great mood: experiencing ENERGETIX up close!

The participants were of course able to talk to each other about their experiences. This immensely important aspect is a must at any ENERGETIX event. Such an exchange will soon be taking place at international level at the annual Collection Premiere. The 15th anniversary in Berlin is certainly going to be a very special event – and something to really look forward to!

The trip to Bingen was then rounded off by a boat trip on the River Rhine. This is how much fun work can be!The atmosphere was noticeably great: all business partners visibly enjoyed their day out in Bingen!

Business partners are always welcome to visit company headquarters in Bingen.

Just get in touch with ENERGETIX’s Customer Support if you’re interested.