Career tips from the STARCLUB: Christine Moussu at the ENERGETIX headquarters in Bingen

Her career has been nothing short of incredible. Christine Moussu has been out and about with ENERGETIX Bingen designer jewellery for a mere 10 months in her native France, in the vicinity of the world famous Mont St. Michel, and has already achieved phenomenal successes: member of the STARCLUB, qualifier in the Kenya competition, top of the list of the best for GSV and most recently proud driver of an ENERGETIXDRIVE vehicle.

She is very modest when talking about her spectacular start. “I love the products, I love the people and I love working,” she said during her visit to the Bingen headquarters on 1 July, a visit that enabled her and her colleague Rémy Truet to get a first impression of how things operate there.


Her recipe for success is very plausible: “I work in a very rural area. A lot of workers live there, a lot of people who work in agriculture. They love to have an opportunity to get together from time to time. And our products sell best if you are sitting round a table with 10 or 12 people and you take your time. It’s not like being at a market or a supermarket, where everyone wants something different. Here you can take your time, you are in good company, you find out about good products and have good moments. In an atmosphere like this, follow-up bookings are a matter of course. And then there’s the crisis and the weather’s been bad for weeks. When I show people the jewellery, it’s like giving them a couple of hours of sunshine and a break from their daily routine.”

There are always 2 or 3 customers at Christine’s get-togethers who are already familiar with the products and more or less take over the sales pitch. “It’s like with a car that you’re satisfied with. You talk to friends and neighbours about it and suddenly they are driving the same sort of car themselves.”

Christine has another tip that others would be well advised to follow: “If I visit a company to get new customers, initially I don’t sell jewellery – because the result would be good but limited. No, I arrange jewellery presentation get-togethers with the employees. As a rule, I make 15 to 20 appointments, then sales get going again. Obviously the result is that I have a lot of work to do but I’m absolutely enthusiastic about the job. And people notice it and this contributes to my success.”

Thank you, Christine, for talking to us. Here’s wishing you lots of continued success!