Business-partner meeting in Nantes / France: Christine Le Ridant’s team meets for an intensive exchange

Twenty-five members from Christine Le Ridant’s very successful team accepted her invitation to travel to La Ferrière near Nantes on 18 September to experience an informative and entertaining weekend in Brittany together!


The meeting was kicked off with feedback about the Collection Premiere in Berlin. Using a PowerPoint presentation, Renée Piguet shared all the news and highlights of the impressive event in Berlin with those who were unfortunately unable to attend at the end of August. The presentation of ENERGETIX’s new collection of magnetic jewellery, which was very well received by the participants, constituted another highlight at the meeting. “Everybody just LOVED the new collection,” said Renée Piguet.


Jeannette Bal, who had travelled especially to the venue from the Netherlands, shared tried-and-tested possible applications for one of ENERGETIX’s classics, the really popular MagnetPebbles made from polished stainless steel and copper, with the inquisitive participants.
The good-humoured meeting was successfully rounded off with a training that focused on the important aspects of how any business partner can successfully book jewellery parties and win new business partners. The next meeting by our dynamic business partners in France is already being planned!


As they departed, the team members were in great spirits, highly motivated, well-informed and ready for a brilliant season with ENERGETIX!