Berlin, here we come!

In a few days’ time everybody – both distributors and ENERGETIX staff – will be making their way to Berlin, to the 2013 ENERGETIX Catalogue Launch. It will be the first time in Germany’s trendy capital. And Rea Garvey, Ingo Nommsen, Joey Kelly, Ralf Bauer and many more will also be boarding their planes, trains and cars in order to appear on the big stage on time on 31 August.


Everyone at ENERGETIX headquarters in Bingen is working – hand in hand -– to make it an unforgettable weekend and the excitement is almost tangible. How will distributors and guests react to the atmosphere and ambiance of the Estrel Convention Centre and to the items on the training and the gala programmes? Can this year’s Catalogue Launch in Berlin be even better than last year’s awesome event?


And what will be the reactions to the eagerly awaited jewellery in the new collection? At an in-house presentation to the ENERGETIX staff a few days ago the new creations met with a great reception.

We will know more in a few days’ time: let the show begin!

NB: To get in the mood, you can take another look at the highlights of the 2012 ENERGETIX Catalogue Launch here.