STARCLUB event with a special twist

Great spirits and lots of fun while acting – that’s how the atmosphere during the STARCLUB meeting that took place in Bingen on 3 and 4 May could be described. The venue – which was turned into a professionally supervised film location – was the NH Hotel on the banks of the River Rhine.

The protagonists were the ENERGETIX STARS, who enthusiastically and totally immersed themselves into the complex material: great performances were presented in regard to the storyboard, casting, make-up and even directing. As well as, of course, in the leading and supporting roles.


The cinematic enthusiasm of our STARS during the shoot is reflected in the three results, which had their premieres after the evening menu at Burg Klopp. Roland Förster’s tribute to the STARCLUB members was complemented this time with Oscars for all the participants and three Special Awards for Outstanding Achievements.

The great atmosphere with the 54 STARS who had travelled from the Netherlands, Denmark, France, Switzerland and Germany transitioned seamlessly into a lively film-gala party.

The Saturday after was marked by an informative meeting on ENERGETIX’s premises at which the most important news was shared first hand in advance with the STARCLUB members.

The session allowed questions and suggestions to be explored in direct exchanges with the management. The positive feedback about the subjects discussed constituted a great end to a very successful STARCLUB event.


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Marrakesh – journey to another time, to another world

That you can end up in a completely different and fascinating world after what feels like a short-haul flight – that’s what the 22 participants of ENERGETIX’s training trip to Marrakesh experienced. The name alone conjures up exciting images of vibrant and oriental diversity that are then far surpassed by what can actually be experienced there.

The first day alone presented the full package: diving into the magical atmosphere of the Medina market place with jugglers, snake charmers and musicians along with an incredible selection of goods being hawked by hundreds of traders. All this fills the air with a unique sound, accompanied by the fantastic smell of oriental food – a feast for the senses.

A somewhat different rally was kicked off in the middle of this unique atmosphere with the aim of helping the travellers discover the history and culture of this magical place. Appropriately, the night was spent at the Riad Dar Justo, a stately villa at the heart of Marrakesh.


The following day was devoted to the aspect of valuable details that this city, which has been able to keep its traditions alive, presents. ENERGETIX’s business partners were particularly taken with the many small and open studios where tanners, blacksmiths and woodworkers – who are more artists than artisans – could be observed at their work. Another world, another time – still full of life today. A ‘tuk-tuk’ whisked the visitors down narrow alleys to a stylish restaurant in the evening.

The third day was dedicated to a trip to the Atlas mountains. This was where the participants discovered how complex the production of Morocco’s precious argan oil is on a trip to a cooperative where it is made.

A Berber family presented the secrets of making tea in the Agafag desert  – a true ceremony. A ride on the camel was, of course, a must on a little excursion into the desert.



The evening meal, which was served in a Berber tent, was a very special experience as it presented the unique setting to celebrate the winners of the Marrakesh rally as well as the birthday of Cécile Carbonel, the business partner from France.

The highlight of the fourth day was the trip to the Yves Saint Laurent Museum and the Majorelle Garden that revealed that the fashion designer did not only excel with wonderful creations at his chosen profession.

This excursion into the Arabian world was brought to a close with an evening meal at the modern Jad Mahal Restaurant, where Andreas Förster, standing in for his father, awarded the certificates to the participating competition qualifiers. He emphasized how valuable the ENERGETIX training trips are, also from the point of view of personal exchanges and learning from each other.

The unforgettable impressions of this training trip to Marrakesh demonstrate once again that ENERGETIX’s sessions are great opportunities for business partners to motivate both themselves and their entire teams.

More impressions from this extraordinary journey are to be found on Flickr.

French culture and international exchange – the STARCLUB event in Colmar

February 2019: 60 top business partners from Denmark, Germany, Austria and Switzerland met in Colmar. The charming small town in the French Alsace represented the ideal location for the first STARCLUB event of 2019.

The day was initially kicked off with the management providing direct information to the stars about new developments and projects at the company. This session already made the benefits of membership in the STARCLUB apparent as it gave the business partners the opportunity to contribute and offer their feedback directly.

The new STARCLUB members were immediately integrated into the group of stars with questions, awards and gift presentations.

The second part of the day was dedicated to the essence of the business, which is team-building. An extremely lively and constructive exchange took place during this session. Everyone benefited here from the mix of experienced and new business partners. It was once again confirmed that ENERGETIX offers both a particularly attractive compensation plan and high-quality products – which is almost unique in the industry. Everyone is given the space to develop and become successful in the business without pressure and obligation.

This part of the day was followed by a guided tour of Colmar’s centre, which, with buildings from six centuries, is extraordinarily well-preserved. The dinner was followed by a celebration of all STARCLUB members for their magnificent achievements. A splendid evening, which ended with great conversations, dancing and music.

The next day was reserved for a culinary workshop at the Château de Kintzheim, where groups were formed to bake a speciality that’s typical of the region: macaroons! As always with our business partners, fun and entertainment were not neglected!

Overall impression: bright sunshine, business partners in excellent spirits and a valuable exchange of experiences!

More impressions of the event may be found here.

‘Let’s talk about EX!’ – the Kick-Off Event 2019 in the Netherlands

The motto at the meetings to kick off the year in Germany, France and the Netherlands shows where the focus will lie over the coming months: it will be on telling more people about ENERGETIX, inspiring them and offering them the opportunity of a job that’s fun and that will help them make their wishes and dreams come true.
Sole Shareholder and CEO Roland Förster talked about the motto that sets out the direction for the coming months in his speech that opened the meeting in Tiel in the Netherlands. ENERGETIX doesn’t only offer beautiful jewellery and high-quality wellness articles but also a unique job for everyone!

“Talk about:


Roland Förster welcomed last year’s newcomers with a brief interview with each. Some of them had already achieved a rapid start and had consequently secured additional rewards for themselves.

The attending members of the current STARCLUB were then honoured and were exclusively presented with a pair of MagnetSlippers, the latest addition to the wellness range. Their anecdotes about how they started with ENERGETIX were emotional, especially among the business partners of the first hour.
There was also news about the innovative food supplement QICUMA (formerly Inja). Besides a new name, which is an indication of one of the most important components which is turmeric, magnesium has also been added and the taste changed. A joint tasting on location was, of course, a must and convinced everyone who tried the new product. The marketing materials, such as the QICUMA product video, have also been adapted.

Another highlight was the new SPRING / SUMMER 2019 collection, which Margreth Janssen presented in a professional business-partner-like manner. Her presentation was accompanied by a fashion and jewellery show for the first time. The breaks provided opportunities to view, touch and try on all the new products, which immediately found new fans!

The afternoon was dedicated to practical training sessions for the participants. Sjaak Janssen explained in an inspiring presentation how to be consistently successful with ENERGETIX and have fun at the same time. The new ‘Talk & Win’ competition was then presented.

The business partners’ motivation was clearly noticeable. New acquaintances, new knowledge and new fantastic products as well as a reliable and strong company in the background – these are the foundations for business partners to enjoy a successful year – entirely in line with the motto: “Let’s talk about EX!”

Please click here to see more photos of the event that our dear business partner Margreth Janssen has made available on her Flickr channel.

At this point, we’d like to thank Margreth and Sjaak Janssen again for organizing the event and to all the business partners who helped on location!

Joey Kelly breaks world record with ENERGETIX

Joey Kelly is a member of the Kelly Family and sportEX brand ambassador and – as an extreme sports personality – he never likes to miss out on a sporting challenge. So it was only natural that he also decided to take part in the telethon hosted by the RTL television channel in Germany, which is one of the biggest charity campaigns in German broadcasting.

This year’s challenge was the ‘24-hour Urban Run’. This meant running for 24 hours on a 375-metre long obstacle course. But he wasn’t alone: a total of 20 company teams joined him at the starting line as part of the world record attempt with the aim of helping children in need in Germany and the rest of the world with their donations. And because Joey Kelly and ENERGETIX belong together just as much as ENERGETIX and social commitment do, it was agreed that the Bingen-based network-marketing company would join in the activities again in 2018! Because social responsibility and team spirit are two of ENERGETIX’s absolute priorities. Besides participating in the RTL telethon (this year for the fourth time running!), ENERGETIX also fields a team every year to run for good causes in the Gutenberg Half Marathon in Mainz.

The starting gun was fired at 6.30 p.m. on 22 November when RTL’s telethon and the 24-hour challenge went live on air. The 25-strong ENERGETIX team joined Joey Kelly as well as Jessica Schlick and Alexander Link of the management to face the difficult challenge.

Equipped with the innovative and stylish sportEX bracelets and an ENERGETIX cap, Joey completed lap after lap for 24 hours without a break in the company of the other teams able and was in this way able to break the world record for the »longest team relay distance over an extreme obstacle course (24 hours, mixed)«!

Instead of the 2,000 kilometres on the obstacle course that was required for the ‘24-hour Urban Run’, a total of 3,435.8 kilometres was covered in 24 hours. Companies that donated 24,000 euros were able to secure their participation in advance – which in itself had raised almost half a million euros before the challenge even started! Viewers and celebrities were in this way able to raise a total of 8,604,481.00 euros through their many different activities during the 23rd RTL telethon with Wolfram Kons for children in need in Germany and across the world. ENERGETIX was able to contribute 70,000 euros to this grand total.

We’ve put together the most beautiful impressions from these unforgettable 24 hours for a good cause in a jam-packed on-line album for you. We hope you enjoy it!

ENERGETIX in the city of ‘White Nights’: St. Petersburg

The participants qualifying for the first category in ENERGETIX’s Time for Success competition set off for a four-day training trip to St. Petersburg in October. The city with its historic old town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Frankfurt on 23 October 2018 was the starting point for the trip to St. Petersburg – the second largest city in Russia – which is also known as the city of the ‘White Nights’. That’s because the sun never sets entirely during the period between the end of May and the middle of July so that it stays bright or dusky even at night. A nice evening meal accompanied by great expectations for the next few days brought the participants’ first evening to a pleasant conclusion.

Kaleidoscope of St. Petersburg

ENERGETIX’s business partners started the next day with a guided tour of the city, which actually began with a trip to a vodka museum. That’s where – besides viewing the museum’s exhibits – the participants were also given the opportunity to enjoy a vodka tasting. The tour then continued with a trip to one of the oldest cafés in the city where the travellers were able to try pyshki – which are a type of Russian doughnut that are usually enjoyed with a cup of coffee or tea.

The afternoon saw the qualifiers visiting the famous Mariinsky Theatre’s ballet school where they were first able to watch the children warming up and then enjoy a 45-minute presentation. The theatre is one of the most famous venues for opera and ballet in the world and is also home to the oldest ballet academy in Russia.

The evening meal at the Repa restaurant opposite the theatre was followed by a performance of the ballet of ‘The Fountain of Bakhchisarai’ at the Mariinsky Theatre.

The next day kicked off with a tour of discovery that was entirely dedicated to Art Nouveau. Among other sights, this trip took in the so-called ‘Singer House’, which was formerly the permanent representation of The Singer Company, the sewing machine manufacturer from the USA. But everyone had to earn their own lunch: typical Russian food was prepared in a cooking studio with lots of fun and in a great atmosphere.

The participants were taken to the most impressive buildings in St. Petersburg on the last day of the trip: the Catherine Palace with the Amber Room and the Hermitage, one of the largest and most important art museums in the world.

This wonderful and impressive trip was concluded at the Luce restaurant in the evening, where the individual travellers were recognized for their great achievements and for qualifying for the first category in ENERGETIX’s Time for Success competition.

Besides the many cultural and culinary highlights, the strengthening of team spirit and the exchange of ideas also played important roles on this trip thus enabling the participants to return to their businesses full of energy and highly motivated!

We’ve put the most beautiful impressions from St. Petersburg together for you in an exclusive on-line photo album!

Magnificent! The Collection Premiere 2018 in Wiesbaden

ENERGETIX and its business partners have been developing continuously for 16 years. The Collection Premiere in Wiesbaden was the place to experience the latest highlights in this success story in the field of international network marketing: a modern and creative new collection of jewellery, a top-class motivational event and enthusiastic business partners all around. 

Sole Shareholder and CEO Roland Förster opened the event in the usual manner and was happy to see more visitors at the event than in the previous year. He – and TV presenter Jörg Pilawa – welcomed the guests to the Collection Premiere who had travelled there from 20 countries.

The important standing that newcomers enjoy at the network-marketing company was already apparent from the fact that they were the first business partners to be invited on to the stage.

The newcomers were immediately able to experience at first-hand that the business idea for magnetic jewellery is geared towards a long and successful professional life: the section of the programme that followed celebrated those business partners who have already been with the company for 10 years and whose continued presence constitutes an example for everyone, especially for those new to the activity.

Jewellery show

The jewellery collection is the foundation for all the success that ENERGETIX enjoys. It has also developed from year to year – always on the wave of current fashion and design trends.



And the 2019 collection was the absolute focus of the day again this year. The accompanying show was unique: multimedia, dance and catwalk – a stirring experience that culminated in the presentation of the new catalogue.


Here’s a look behind the scenes of the photo shoot.

Still bathing in the glow of the show, the guests immersed themselves in six creatively staged Worlds of Jewellery – presented in line with the motto of the event: ‘Get in touch!’ Close up to the jewellery: see, touch, try.



The lunch break was followed by vibrant theory: Management Member Jessica Schlick played host to the best in PSV and in team-building who talked about ‘experiences from the real world for the real world’. The audience listened very attentively to the valuable tips that were presented.


The expert for the day was Michael Strachowitz. The consummate network-marketer shared his 40 years of experience with the event’s participants and talked about his approach to team-building without limits.



Managing Director Alexander Link presented a wide range of information from the IT department to the audience. He talked about the success that the additional support to business partners was enjoying, e.g. ‘Boost your Business’, and about the professionalization of party management with the help of the MMS. He also introduced a new webshop, which received a great response from the audience.

Alexander Link also launched the new competition, which was also warmly welcomed and greeted, as always, with spontaneous outbreaks of approval. A murmur of ‘I want to go there’ went through the hall as South Africa and Marrakesh were revealed as destinations, precisely the motivational effect that the competitions are designed to achieve over the next few months of the qualification period.


The day was concluded with the celebratory gala evening, which at the same time provided the appropriate setting to celebrate the STARCLUB. These ENERGETIX stars had already arrived on Thursday to take part in the STARCLUB event.


The One Year STARCLUB and the current STARCLUB were appropriately celebrated in front of the Collection Premiere’s large audience at the gala for their outstanding achievements.



Moving moments during the section reserved for the representatives of the Hugo Tempelman Foundation – which was also celebrating 10 years of partnering with ENERGETIX. Dr Hugo Tempelman talked about the progress and current developments of his admirable work in South Africa. A very touching film showed how important ENERGETIX’s donations are to this charity partner of long standing. This year’s cheque for € 50,000 brought donations from ENERGETIX up to an overall total of € 1.5 million.

The Kelly Family’s performance was absolutely sensational. Their sell-out tour was unbelievable. And now the exclusive concert for ENERGETIX business partners only! The atmosphere in the hall was indescribable but the pictures say enough about this brilliant highlight of the evening. People then danced and enjoyed the party atmosphere at the new Congress Center in Wiesbaden until the early hours of the morning.

Boat trip

The harmonious get-together during a boat trip along the River Rhine on the Sunday represented another ideal opportunity for business partners to swap notes with each other and the management. The atmosphere was uniquely warm here as well.


The perfect end to a top-notch motivational event with all-round enthusiastic business partners!

 More impressions of the event are available here:

Photos: The day / Gala / Boat trip


The STARCLUB meeting ahead of the Collection Premiere 2018

Focus on harmony and teamwork

The current STARCLUB already met for the motivation and team event in Wiesbaden on the Thursday in advance of the Collection Premiere. The focus was on harmony and mutual support. It was the international character of the exclusive group in particular that turned the meeting into an excellent opportunity to learn from each other’s experiences and strategies.

Team spirit was also put to a very special test at the event as during a dragon boat racethe participants were able to experience at first hand what effect good teamwork has on success. The small regatta was lots of fun for all and produced the required desire to win along with the important realization that it’s only possible to achieve progress when people work together harmoniously and take care of each other – right in line with the motto of ‘leading by example and following the lead’.

The stars were awarded their well-deserved recognition over the course of the evening in the boathouse of the Schierstein Rowing Club that presented a wonderful view of the Rhine. That was also when all the new members received moving praise and recognition by mentors and partners alike. All STARCLUB members were then presented with exceptional items of jewellery from the new collection as a special thank you. Sole Shareholder and CEO Roland Förster subsequently provided an overview of the latest developments at the company.

The evening was rounded off by a delicious meal and atmospheric music, which, as at so many events, prompted the participants to get up on the dance floor. A successful event with lots of fun and an effective exchange of experiences.

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‘Priceless’: The newcomer event within the framework of the ‘Happy Future’ and ‘TIME for SUCCESS’ competitions

“I’m so pleased to have been there!” “It has expanded my awareness of our business in my heart.”  “Exchange among colleagues who have become friends – PRICELESS!”

The feedback from the 40 participants at the newcomer event that took place in Bingen on 21 and 22 June could not have been more positive and heartfelt. The newcomers had travelled from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands to pass on their special and valuable experience to the international group with great commitment.Six STARCLUB members also travelled to Bingen to be at the event – an invaluable contribution to the exchange of experiences with the newcomers. There’s hardly a better way to learn as a newcomer than to learn from the best. The event was naturally once again centred around exchange with the management. Roland Förster and Jessica Schlick attended to their guests in person and shared the latest information about the company.

The perfect atmosphere was, of course, also expressed in the accompanying programme and the social part of the event. The ‘Rund um den Niederwald‘ (‘Around the Niederwald’) team-experience day on Friday had the participants beaming – as had the party the day before. “It’s not about the fantastic food we enjoyed, the fun dance in the evening and the great day out – everyone who has experienced all this will know that it will be hard to beat – it’s actually about being able to enjoy these great events and continuing to have quality time in the future, too. That’s why we always need more people to take part. Let’s bring the enthusiasm for our business to the world through building our teams,” said a motivated business partner in her spontaneous response on Facebook.

There’s actually no more to be said – with the exception of Roland Förster’s reference to ‘the next great event’, the Collection Premiere in Wiesbaden on September 1 – combined with a warm invitation that was not only extended to the enthusiastic newcomers.

More photos are to be found on Flickr.

ENERGETIX in the Kingdom of Happiness

Bhutan welcomes first-category qualifiers with the greatest of warmth 

It was probably the most emotional training trip that ENERGETIX has ever arranged for its top business partners in a competition. Deeply impressed, the participants describe their experiences. They experienced what it means when a country actively promotes ‘gross national happiness’. This happiness radiated from the sparkling eyes of every resident of Bhutan.

The country’s former education minister said that it was a world first that a company had organised a training trip to Bhutan. The minister helped our business partners to see and understand what it means to place the people themselves at the centre of all decisions. All projects revolve around the happiness of individuals – a focus that in Bhutan has delivered astonishing results.

Buddhism is the spiritual basis for this strategy of happiness, which was apparent in all its warmth in our personal encounters with monks and nuns in their monasteries and abbeys. A trip to the largest Buddha statue was arranged – as was an outing to the Dzong-style Monastery of Punakha, the most important sacred site in Buddhism.

The business partners were able to experience that geniality and warmth also characterise personal interaction at the home of a farming family.  The residents prepared dishes typical of the country for the visitors and offered an insight into the very special world of the spices and plants that are to be found there.

Yes, the ascent was difficult – first on horseback and then on foot – but the guides’ attention and warmth made the effort seem small.  And so everyone made their way to the country’s landmark, the famous Tiger’s Nest. This is a monastery that incredibly holds on to steep rocks and provides an insight to architecture that is unique in the world and that presents indescribable views. Undoubtedly the highlight of a trip to a country where the philosophy of the state has much in common with ENERGETIX’s own vision. Namely, the goal of providing people with the opportunity of a fulfilled life in a profession that’s fun and enjoyable – something that could have come straight from Bhutan’s principles.

This way to the pictures of this unique journey.