Association memberships strengthen trust

ENERGETIX has been a member of various national and international direct selling associations for many years. Our ultimate goal is to give our business partners around the world an advance in trust when it comes to our customers: With the seal of an association membership, product sales and business partner activities are demonstrably respectable and fair. Why? Because the associations set and intensively monitor standards of conduct for their members that are far above those of national legislation.


ENERGETIX is a member of the following national and international direct selling associations:

Direct Selling Associations

News: The WFDSA World Congress 2017 took place in Paris in September under the motto “Own the future”. The WFDSA (World Federation of Direct Selling Associations) represents the direct sales industry worldwide. All the above-mentioned associations are existing members of the World Federation. The participants, including ENERGETIX CEO Roland Förster and CMO Jessica Schlick, received important information about global changes in direct sales. Workshops were also held, focusing mainly on digital transformation, social media and other future-oriented trends.

The BDD celebrated its 50th anniversary in October. Roland Förster, Jessica Schlick and CIO/COO Alexander Link participated here as well. They are also active in several BDD working groups together with employees of other successful direct selling companies. There, they deal with current topics from various specialist areas such as marketing and IT. Exchange within the industry is extremely important, and all companies benefit from the new impulses for their business.

Why is ENERGETIX being a member of the direct selling associations worthwhile for business partners and customers?

Direct selling associations promote the interests of their members because they:

  • represent the economic and legal policy interests of their members vis-à-vis the German Federal Government and national and European legislators
  • provide factual information on direct sales through target-group-oriented press and public relations work
  • develop and monitor the standards of conduct which, as voluntary competition rules of the industry, oblige and enforce fair dealings with customers and business partners/consultants
  • conduct market studies and thus document the economic importance of direct sales
  • promote the professional profile of the self-employed business partner
  • form strategic alliances with associations with similar interests to promote independent distribution

Source: BDD: Aktivitäten & Kernkompetenzen;, 25.10.2017


How do I know whether a direct selling company belongs to these associations?

Memberships in the associations and thus compliance with the ethical principles and standards of conduct are often easily recognisable by the logos of the associations on the company’s website. In our case, they can also be found under the menu item “About us > Portrait“. You will find a list of members on the associations’ websites as well.

So pay attention to these memberships when choosing a direct selling company. As a customer, you should also place your trust in those companies that adhere to the strict ethical standards of direct selling associations as a member – for your own benefit and safety.