“A gigantic show” – Tanja Bülter reports online on the 2013 ENERGETIX Catalogue Launch in Berlin

“Magnetic jewellery with star appeal” was the heading with which host and fashion and society expert Tanja Bülter opened her own blog report on this year’s ENERGETIX Catalogue Launch, at which she presented the new jewellery.

The likeable Berliner writes enthusiastically about how she experienced the Launch and how she found the “ENERGETIX family” and the stars behind the scenes. Here is an extract from the fashion expert’s report:


Tanja Bülter

“If a jewellery brand has megastars like Ronan Keating or Kevin Costner under contract and organizes a marketing event that is attended by 1500 people from more than 30 countries, it is clear that we are talking not about a run-of-the-mill brand but a megabrand! (…)Franziska Knuppe (…) happily tells me backstage about the photo shoot in Ireland, where the singer was accompanied by his whole family. Practically a real family happening!
And that’s how I feel, too – part of the Energetix family, at whose head sit the three senior executives Roland Förster, Klaus-Peter Thiel and Alexander Link, who have remained completely down-to-earth despite the company’s success! (…) A gigantic show has been prepared and I feel a bit the way I did exactly 7 years ago when I was able to watch the rehearsals for the Bambi Awards at the Estrel (which featured Michael Jackson!). Everything is perfectly staged!”