‘Priceless’: The newcomer event within the framework of the ‘Happy Future’ and ‘TIME for SUCCESS’ competitions

“I’m so pleased to have been there!” “It has expanded my awareness of our business in my heart.”  “Exchange among colleagues who have become friends – PRICELESS!”

The feedback from the 40 participants at the newcomer event that took place in Bingen on 21 and 22 June could not have been more positive and heartfelt. The newcomers had travelled from Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France and the Netherlands to pass on their special and valuable experience to the international group with great commitment.Six STARCLUB members also travelled to Bingen to be at the event – an invaluable contribution to the exchange of experiences with the newcomers. There’s hardly a better way to learn as a newcomer than to learn from the best. The event was naturally once again centred around exchange with the management. Roland Förster and Jessica Schlick attended to their guests in person and shared the latest information about the company.

The perfect atmosphere was, of course, also expressed in the accompanying programme and the social part of the event. The ‘Rund um den Niederwald‘ (‘Around the Niederwald’) team-experience day on Friday had the participants beaming – as had the party the day before. “It’s not about the fantastic food we enjoyed, the fun dance in the evening and the great day out – everyone who has experienced all this will know that it will be hard to beat – it’s actually about being able to enjoy these great events and continuing to have quality time in the future, too. That’s why we always need more people to take part. Let’s bring the enthusiasm for our business to the world through building our teams,” said a motivated business partner in her spontaneous response on Facebook.

There’s actually no more to be said – with the exception of Roland Förster’s reference to ‘the next great event’, the Collection Premiere in Wiesbaden on September 1 – combined with a warm invitation that was not only extended to the enthusiastic newcomers.

More photos are to be found on Flickr.