ENERGETIX, Joey Kelly and the 24-hour go-kart challenge: RTL television station’s telethon with ambitious world-record attempt!

As we all know, extreme sports personality, member of the Kelly Family and brand ambassador Joey Kelly is not someone who’s known for turning down a sports challenge – no matter how outlandish it may be. So it was clear that he’d be taking part again in the RTL television station’s telethon this year and throwing himself into an energy-sapping 24-hour challenge. This time he had to pedal a go-kart for 24 hours. Without a break. But Joey Kelly wasn’t alone. He was joined on the track by 20 other companies determined to provide their support – and their generous donations – with their own go-karts. And because Joey Kelly and ENERGETIX go together like ENERGETIX and social responsibility also do, it was no surprise that the Bingen-based network-marketing company joined up with him again in 2017! Because social responsibility and team spirit are two of ENERGETIX’s absolute priorities. Besides participating in the RTL telethon (this year for the third time running!), ENERGETIX also fields a team every year to run for good causes in the Gutenberg Half Marathon in Mainz.

The starting gun was fired on 23 November when RTL’s mega event, it’s telethon and the 24-hour challenge for which KETTLER had made bespoke go-karts for adults, went live on air.
RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017

The 25 members of ENERGETIX’s team who took to the track in consecutively had travelled to Cologne from all over Germany to come together and support the good cause with their combined strength and dedication. The team was made up of highly motivated ENERGETIX business partners and friends as well as Jessica Schlick and Alexander Link of the management. Many enthusiastic supporters – all wearing shirts in the company’s red and blue colours – also turned up to cheer the participants on!

RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017

“Brutally difficult, but really great!”
An uninterrupted 24-hour go-kart challenge like this one had never been attempted before. But Joey is a fighter. And it went without saying that he’d do his utmost to break this world record as well. So without a thought for fatigue, pain and the sometimes pouring rain: equipped with the innovative and stylish sportEX bracelets and an ENERGETIX hat with the famous red frog emblazoned on it, Joey completed round after round for 24 hours without a break and so everybody, Joey and the company teams, were able to break the world record! It was Joey’s 12th record at RTL’s telethon – monitored and certified by the “Rekord-Institut für Deutschland”!

RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017

CEO Roland Förster and Miriam Lange

RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017

Top team performance: 26,567 circuits completed for a good cause
Everyone was more than overjoyed that they’d achieved their goal: Joey and every single member of the company teams. The go-karts travelled more than 7,305 kilometres in total, which was outstanding because 4,000 kilometres would have broken the record anyway.

RTL-Spendenmarathon 2017

Viewers and celebrities were able to raise a total of 9,188,527 euros through their many different activities at the 22nd RTL telethon with Wolfram Kons for children in need in Germany and across the world! Companies that donated 24,000 euros in advance were able to secure a go-kart for themselves – which in itself had raised almost half a million euros before the challenge had even started! ENERGETIX was able to donate 70,000 euros and so make a huge contribution to the telethon’s success.

Roland Förster and host Wolfram Kons

No-one could have wished for more at the event in Cologne as there was great team spirit, lots of fun, sometimes pouring rain, physical exertion, an iron determination not to give up and lots of magnetic power thanks to the sportEX magnetic bracelets. We’ve put together the most beautiful impressions from these unforgettable 24 hours for a good cause in a jam-packed on-line album for you. We hope you enjoy it!