Successful informational and motivational mix: ENERGETIX’s meeting in Denmark to kick-off 2016

It was the end of January and the big day had come: our Danish business partners met in Middelfart in the south of Denmark to welcome in the new ENERGETIX year. The atmosphere was great and all the participants benefited from the information presented at the meeting and the fact that they were again able to swap notes in a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere.


Inge Møller Nielsen presented ways for increasing success even further in 2016. The successful ENERGETIX business partner also talked about such important issues as customer contact and maintaining existing business relationships as well as how important it is to pursue your goals and to always focus on them with action and energy.


“Always think of ENERGETIX wherever you are and whatever the moment. Always be aware of new customers and new business partners without becoming a ‘hunter’, however.”

One of the highlights was when Roland Förster, the company founder, joined the meeting from Germany via Skype. He warmly greeted the business partners in Denmark and talked about the latest developments at the company while offering a brief preview of ENERGETIX’s spring / summer 2016 brochure .

One thing is for certain after this motivational boost for the future: ENERGETIX’s business partners in Denmark can’t wait to get the new business year started.

Energize Your Life – the high-energy meeting of French-speaking ENERGETIX business partners to kick off 2016

Large panoramic view of Lyon with Saone river

True to the company song – “Energize Your Life” – 85 francophone ENERGETIX business partners travelled to Lyon to start the new business year together with fun and lots of energy. ENERGETIX business partners from across teams and from all over France and Switzerland came to the meeting. Thanks to the organization by Petra Schmeing (Events) at ENERGETIX headquarters in Bingen, who worked with top business partners, Anke Hesse-Michaelis and Josette Desassis, it was possible to stage an event that delivered benefits to all the participants.


Roland Förster, ENERGETIX’s Sole Shareholder and CEO, along with Jessica Schlick (CMO) and Petra Schmeing announced the latest news about the company and outlined the benefits of being / becoming a business partner for ENERGETIX.


The presentation of the new ‘Spring / Summer 2016’ and ‘Wellness & More 2016’ brochures was received just as enthusiastically as the presentation of the new training trip competition. The programme also included several motivating and informative talks:
The presentation by guest speaker, Nadine Coquillat, focused on the most important characteristics that business people should possess. In his expert presentation, Phillippe Dailey, Honorary Chairman of the French Direct Sales Association (FVD), discussed the status of the VDI (i. e. the status of most French business partner) and how to reach the next level. Josette Desassis, business partner of the first hour, talked about the factors that affect the success of business with ENERGETIX.160204_Jahresauftakt_Frankreich_2_jg

The event was rounded off with a lively party and dance with DJ.