The results from the lightning “Jewellery Presentation” survey are in

ENERGETIX’s German, English and French FROGBLOG sites ran the on-line survey asking, “How much of your total turnover in percent do you usually generate through jewellery presentations at hosts’ homes?”

As expected, the largest share results from jewellery presentations: more than half (57.9%) of those taking part stated that they made more than 50% of their total turnover through jewellery presentations at hosts’ homes!

Lightning Survey: Jewellery Presentation
Turnovers from jewellery presentations at hosts’ homes


These interesting results show how important jewellery presentations are and that there’s enormous potential to be realized in many areas of this field. Because jewellery presentations offer many advantages, for example:

  • On average between five to 12 participants may be informed and inspired
    simultaneously and the capital input required to do so is very low.
  • New hosts for new jewellery presentations may also be won at jewellery
    presentations and these additional bookings make things much easier for Business partners.
  • All jewellery presentations also constitute a great opportunity for finding new
    business partners because every host is also potentially a new business partner.

We thank all ENERGETIX business partners who took part in the on-line survey and we wish you all continued success!

The winners of the FROGBLOG on-line prize draw have been determined

CD Cover MennaFive winners may look forward to receiving Menna Mulugeta’s CD – “Free”! Congratulations to:

Birgit Backhaus (D)
John Bakker (NL)
Roselyne Emery (F)
Gerda Nehls (D)
Viviane Rimbert (F)

Menna has also signed autograph cards for the winners. The prizes will be sent to the lucky winners over the next few days. We hope you enjoy these songs that are performed by Menna Mulugeta with such feeling.

By the way: guests at ENERGETIX’s 2014 Catalogue Launch will be able to experience Menna Mulugeta live at the “Get Together” (on Sunday, 31 August)!